Friday, February 23, 2024 - 13:44

Usefulness of player data

    Any comments regarding the consignment listings and plot/world object info?


    I'm especially interested in whether or not people are finding them useful and if there are volunteers willing to help keep them updated.


    Anyone from Order? 


    BTW: The consigner search on community.istaria is extremely stale: nearly half a year old.



    I loved the connie search option and was saddened when I realized after searching it for about the 5th time without change that it was broken. What a great thing this site is doing!

    I just used it a little while ago and it is excellent!



    I don't have a character on

    I don't have a character on Order but I'd be willing to help out with Chaos data, just tell me where to send it Smile


    Will be like the old days on SWG. I used to spend so much time gathering resource stats for the crafting database, so it will be nice to be doing something useful again.