Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 10:01

Istaria Free Plot Map (Google Maps Version)

    Something is wrong with the site.  Two plots in Pelli sold over two weeks ago and as of yesterday they still show up as being available.  Today the site only indicates it is searching and does not complete query.


    I hope someone can fix it soon.


    Thanks for reporting

    Thanks for reporting this!


    The search should work now, though the data in the search will be about 2-3 days old for the next 4 hours.


    I'll check out the specific plots.  There's a few that didn't get updated for awhile since Bristugo's database of plot locations is now out of sync with the shard's database.  Those plots are likely ones that were resized, moved to a new community, moved, or otherwise adjusted.


    It seems to just be

    It seems to just be "searching" again.


    Strange, I get icons. 

    Strange, I get icons.  Depending on the search parameters, you might rule out all available plots.  It may also take a bit (10 seconds or so) if your search parameters are very broad.


    Icons yes, but

    I get icons, but I find the search results to be still boinked.  For my search I choose between 2g and 100g, biped plot only and get a return of 72 everytime.  For the last couple months the areas in Repose and on Shepherd's Mountain do not show what is available. 


    I finally got the plot

    I finally got the plot definitions updated.  They're in sync with genesis, which should be a lot closer to reality than before.


    There were a bunch of plots that got resized since I last updated.  The areas that didn't show free plots were probably ones that got resized.


    When this message is 23 hours old, the available plots should now be in sync with reality.