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    Okay, call me crazy or not but this is something I wonder about.


    Why the JAVA launcher? Put another requirement of to run the game to the list in order to make sure we can get in the game?


    If it would be a C written launcher i'd understand that but JAVA isnt something I personally would see worthwhile or any use.


    No reason to call you crazy

    No reason to call you crazy :)

    On this topic, there's some answers at the "why" question.


    Let's try to keep this place for testing feedback and debug.

    If we start to discuss of any topics in this section, we'll lose some time and efficiency :)

    Feel free to re-launch a discussion over here or community forums, I'm sure other people do wonder "why" and would love to see an/some answer(s).


    I hope I don't sound rude, I don't mean to ;) :)


    (If I'm all wrong, just delete this answer)







    Milandra,   I know about



    I know about the post on the community forums and avoid it with purpose as a lot of people with little to no technical background seem to respond to it.


    As for most of us on seem to have such a background is why im asking it here. 


    <= Vahrokh   Java is

    <= Vahrokh


    Java is another runtime with frequent updates and related end user issues (beginning with the additional TCP port(s) it needs). Moreover since Oracle took over they took a less "open" stance on it to the point that recently quit the collaboration and are going to create their own branch of Java.


    In my company it's forbidden to install it at all, I am sure they are not the only ones with such stance.


    Since there is no feeback

    Since there is no feeback thread for the Java client and this thread is on topic, I am going to post a comment right here. 

    - I can't test the launcher because Java just does not work on my computer.

    - I hope it'll still be possible to play in some other (manual?) way, because otherwise I have to quit for good. 

    <= Vahrokh


    The URL in the spam mail

    The URL in the spam mail seems vague. Im not going to download from that source.


    What trouble do you have

    Vah:  Oh, just read up.  Policy problem.  Can you submit that as a feedback message in the support queue to "Community Relations - Alpha Testing" and let anyone else who can't use Java for whatever reason to do so as well?


    Dak: What URL?  


    Quote from the email; 

    Quote from the email;


    The new setup and setup_launcher can be found here: