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384.4 Feedback

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    Just a simple feedback.

    So far, works very well

    No major issue met

    Any particular point to test on this release ?


    I have played a few hours

    I have played a few hours with it as well and so far it's stable.


    Just a difference between v384.8 and v383.41: porting is faster with v384.8 to a place you never visit, but 383.41 is faster with an laready visited place: when I have the cache and I recall, porting is nearly instantaneous v383.41 but takes a few seconds with 384.8. Not a real problem though.



    While I'm at it, 2 issues common to both builds:

    -  auto-attack: when hit by a mob, the character automatically switches to fighting stance. However, even with attacker auto-select, the character is just in the stance and doesn't strike back as no opponent is selected. Annoying.

    - music issue: after a fight, the fighting music doesn't always stop. Not 100% positive about it, but it seems to happen more when you don't deliver the fatal blow. It also happens often when fighting a group of mobs. /soundReinit just stops the music and doesn't restart it.


    Both issues appeared after 2011/01/18 Live Patch. 


    Nothing in particular just

    Nothing in particular just making sure it's stable.  Not worried about any bugs that also exist in the main branch right now, since this build is pretty much only about a change in how assets are accessed. 


    The goal is to have no change in appearance of assets, no missing assets, no crashes upon accessing any assets, and faster access of assets if possible. (at least not slower)


    I haven't seen any graphical

    I haven't seen any graphical oddities with v384.8, or at least nothing specific to it.



    I have tried a bit an area which is a real purge for me when cache is not loaded with older clients: the Spiritous Swamp. Usually, cache takes  really long to load and this causes severe lag. With v384.8, the experience in this area is much more enjoyable because cache doesn't take long to load and then less lag.
    However, as previously said, porting to an already visited place is slower because of Looking Structures... at loading screen. Recalling to Chiconis or porting to Solitaire from Bristugo is really fast with v383 client (1 or 2 seconds) but longer with 384.8 (around 15 seconds). Nothing dramatic, but if you have to port often it can be annoying.


    Another issue I'd like to bring back: 384 builds crash with the Map Pack. Dakoren's hypothesis was the change about the layers with the map:
    However, if I believe Velea's release notes, this change has been added to v383.41: . And Map Pack doesn't make me crash with this build. Any idea? Could map changes be documented?


    And just another question: does the spawn protection at login still work with v384? During my test, I had the bad idea to crash in the middle of a Bloodskulls nest (I was flying). When I had finally logged in back, they were battering me to death. I'm not really sure if I moved or not because all this happened very fast.


    Client 384.8 seems to have a

    Client 384.8 seems to have a weird glitch with the vault window


    When you open it and have the contents listed as icons all seems fine. But when you switch to listed view there is a HUGE FPS drop..


    edit; also seems to be with inventory


    Is there idea when there is

    Is there idea when there is going to be a fix for area's like Rift, Doom and the new T2 dungeon? These currently all mess up with every version of the alpha client.


    Crashed while standing in

    Crashed while standing in Bristugo @ Blight, 384.8 build


    crash_log::open_maura(): Successfully started crash log
    crash_log::on_crash(): Exception caught from thread 0x00000b3c (2876)
      /     \
     /       \
     | R.I.P.|
     |       |
     |       |

    The ACCESS_VIOLATION hits! The ACCESS_VIOLATION hits! You die.

    c0000005h (ACCESS_VIOLATION)
    The thread tried to read from the virtual address 0x6ACAD9A1 for which it does not have the appropriate access.

    You died in...
    SS:ESP=002B:0018D3C0   EBP=00000000
    DS=002B   ES=002B   FS=0053   GS=002B

    spanish_inquisition::dumpx86callstack(): stackwalkx86() failed.



    Not sure if I am supposed to sign up somwhere officially but I have been testing this for about two weeks now. 


    The Good stuff -  Terrain loads much faster as do mobs and NPC dialogues - much much faster


    The Bad - not compatible with the map pack 3.5 - opening the map with the map pack installed instantly crashes to desktop.



    I have seen texture problems at the following places - West area of island of Ice - ocean water never loads for me - same for the area south of the shadowed coast.


    Dralnok's Doom - In vicinity of Sigrin textures failed to load on multiple occasions - all times though reloading the game restored the textures.


    Winter Vale - the terrain doesn't seem to align properly and there at the new outpost - there is a slanting snow lawer that cuts thru the outpost.


     Personal assesment - ready for blight and should receive a lot of focus - this is the single largest perfomance improvent I have found to Istaria and I am constantly tweaking my system and my game files in an effort to try to improve performance.