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Say hi!

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    Come on and say 'Hi'. At least try to make this look lively! :p


    Hi, I'm Steelclaw.   ...

    Hi, I'm Steelclaw.


    ... And I'm an Ambrosia Addict.  It has been five weeks since I have had any.


    *waves* Hi! Im

    *waves* Hi! Im Tcei!


    *wanders off* 


      Hi my name is Valornyx. 


    Hi my name is Valornyx.  This is my first meeting od Ambrosia Addicts Anonomous.  I have been an addict for 3 years. 


    Hi, Kratoth here... Never

    Hi, Kratoth here...
    Never tried ambrosia, sorry.

    Hellos, I'm Kryu. I've never

    Hellos, I'm Kryu. I've never had ambrosia. I do miss running around naked on my saris with /setpref modesty false.


    I don't care much for adventuring. I like to build things. I run around and see things that need to be built, and I strap on my silk cargo gear, sexy carpentry tool belt, and start chopping down trees.


    Greetings, I'm Lex...

    And I miss supplying the masses with Ambrosia.




    Solitaire here


    And I miss having the people who cared in control of our world.


    Hay Hey

    Greetings to all,


    I am also addicted to Ambro. Much to my dismay I realized this week that vendors do not carry Ambro VII and I have been going through the DP-DT's.

    Great Site! I see a lot of possiblity here!!!





    Khoal, here.


    I don't expect to do much posting, but that may change if things really start to come alive here. 



    Hi, I'm varangaard and I've gotten rid of my Ambrosia dependency thanks to shock treatement by a certain legal entity called Game Network. I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... well maybe I would, but it seems that Unity is down for some reason. :P Perhaps I'll try again later. :P


    Holy hell, how is everyone?

    Holy hell, how is everyone?



    Hey, how's it goin?


    It goes... :)

    It goes... :)



    Heh.  Nice to see you poking around still. 


    Reyem!!!!!     I swear




    I swear I've seen you somewhere else....



    Reyem... Reyem... I know, that was the garbage collector. No wait, the milkman? The mailman! What did I win?


    After all this time, you

    After all this time, you still make me cry :P


    Hello ^^ Im Agua

    ello ^-^

    im Agua

    Member of guild Timeless

    love the site

    Hope to see you all in Horizons :D



    Hi I'm Dracana.   Neat site

    Hi I'm Dracana.


    Neat site you guys have going here.



    Hello and I hope you are all well. Anything I can do to help here let me know. I have access to a few things from the old days.






    Well, hello everyone!


    I see some familiar faces, some new faces, and ones I haven't seen in a looong time.  Very interesting indeed.


    Maybe someone can start an 'ask the [people who dont work on the game anymore but probably have funny stories to tell]' thread. :p 




    Hello all

    Oooh, HZ forums I can actually register for and post on, that's something shiny and new, hehe.


    See a few names I recognise here too.


    Hope the site prospers, nice job Smile



    Aww how cute, he's in tears because we still remember him. ^___^


    Oh MY!  Will the real

    Oh MY! 

    Will the real David Bowman please stand up?  It is amazing how small this world really is (both Istaria and RL). 

    Guess I will shut up and simply say "hello".  I am not much of a forum junky (nor ambrosia addict) but I must say this is a nice new site to peruse while I am stuck working alone on a gorgeous weekend in a room with no windows!!!

    See you all in Istaria...



    I'm new to actually posting on game forums. This site looks good. Real user-friendly seems to me.


    Just checking things out since I can't get my fix in game.


    Have fun!


    Oh I must be in the right place

    Hi, I'm Dominique Osiras.  And I am a recovering Minnow Kabob addict.  Since quitting, I have dropped my "Kabob belly" and can now fit into my cargo gear once again! Smile


    Kindest Regards,





    Hi, I'm not sure if anyone remembers me I haven't been around for a while. I played Raisty on shadow and chaos mainly a tinkerer / gatherer / builder. I recently came back and started a new char and well I seemed to have picked an interesting time. =)


    Hi, hi, hi, everyone. Tagath

    Hi, hi, hi, everyone. Tagath and I are here now as well.


    REYEM! DAVID! Oh, have we missed the two of you this past year!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And I saw Ophelea is on here as well!  This is just grand. Now, if we can get Smeglor, Amon, Rawdge, etc. here, we'll have a real party going.


    Tagath's nearly complete on his RoP, if you guys can believe it. I've got one of my six shops open in Acul.



    Oops, need to enter a subject!

    My name is Ilfar, previously of the Spirit server... I fall asleep a lot, but sometimes I wake up to go mining. :3


    I refuse to say Hi... aw,

    I refuse to say Hi... aw, crap. :(