Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 18:06

Going to SD Comic-Con?

    Are any of you going to Comic-Con this year?  (July 26-29)


    Any interest in having a meet-up?


    I will be there for the

    I will be there for the purpose of covering titles for Turner and Sony...


    I might be able to meet up. 


    Much jealous

    Man, I wish I could go.  I have gone three years in the past when I lived in Washington.  Since I moved to the east coast, I have not been able to go.  Please, when you return, share the highlights  since I know there is just waaay too much to talk about it all



    Bumping my own thread!


    Comic-con starts today (preview night)!


    Anyone attending today or the rest of the con?  Know a HZ player who is?