Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 10:48


    The map for plots looks great in my opinion. I went to some of the green and close to green marked areas . There were several plots but unfortunatley no lairs. I really wish that EI or whoever really owns Hz would do a massive reclaim. I know some folks with multiple lairs/plots and entire guild towns that are owed by one person (and of course if you are not a member of a guild you cannot buy plots/lairs that are for sale... talk about a bugged setup for everyone except the one owner of the guild) and many people that cannot find one lair. Some may say this post belongs in the rant area but it is a real problem for new dragons that are not alts.

    My 2cents.



    I'm kind of iffy about the

    I'm kind of iffy about the idea of a reclaim right now...


    As for guild plots, I think someone in the guild can buy a guild plot and sell it to you.  You could also make an alt, join the guild, buy the plot, then sell it to your main.  Make sure that the guild leaders are fully aware of your intentions though.


    There are non-guild lairs out there, just not many of them.