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Horizons: Client 384.0

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    Cliet Build 384.0 - Borked


    Download 384.0

    MD5sum: e8ca290e085201a543829bc5cfd98040

    SHA1sum: d87fea827823b2013d8220d3e12e53b5e1463245


    PDB for 384.0 - Get this if you experience crashes

    MD5sum: f4b8271fdd0735392cec0e17520787b6

    SHA1sum: e97016daddb9f0cc49ccdd09dc22c84f1b4b8965


    Fixes and Changes


    Contains all the changes/fixes made to packages so far. (which have been in previous builds, but not used)


    Alters the terrain_info.def format to:

    1) Make it around 30% smaller.

    2) Allow it to represent a full world cache without imploding. It was hitting element count limits before and self-destructing, which caused all the terrain data to be needlessly re-fetched once a certain number of sectors was explored.


    As a result of this change, your terrain data cache will essentially be wiped out, sorry. (world object cache will remain intact)


    Issues Known But Not Fixed In This Build


    Specific Testing Procedures


    1) Download the test assets and unzip them into the folder $\packages\

    MD5sum: de12784f425b01bd056bbf564e5f2945

    SHA1sum: 2be0282b4ca2c4f22aaa2da505504b370419400f


    2) move or delete the $\resources\definitions\ and $\resources\entities\ folders.


    3) Skip patching when starting the client.

    3a) open clientprefs_launch.def

    3b) set requireCommandLineParams=false

    3c) fill in username (email) and password

    3d) save and launch istaria.exe directly.


    Issues Discovered During Testing


    package loading didn't work due to missing changes to def files needed to force loading of packages dir. -fixed.


    Terrain loading when terrain didn't exist was broken - fixed.


    Additional Remarks

    after deleteng definitions

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    Okay, I can see this getting out of hand pretty fast.


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