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Client does not use test assets

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    after deleteng definitions and entities new client is still looking for files in those folders...


    To be clear, after

    To be clear, after extracting the test assets, the packages folder should contain 4 files.







    ... aw foo, just thought of something.  The master file list will still be referencing the original paths, so the client will think the files exist outside of packages.


    Removing the file $\version_info\master_file_list should force the game to just scan the resources dir for files instead.


    Alternatively you could remove all the lines starting with resources\entities\ and resources\definitions\ from the master file list, but that's a bit more annoying.


    Thanks FridlekhIt

    Thanks Fridlekh
    It works like you telled as long as:

    $\version_info\master_file_list no longer exists 

    $\packages is in the resources folder


    The client starts, but there's nothing displayed except the UI and the skybox.

    Could it be because the client need to have the packages folder in the root ?


    $ is the root game

    $ is the root game directory, not the resources directory.


    so, $\packages is eg C:\Program Files\Virtrium\Istaria\packages or if you have an ancient isntall like me, C:\Program Files\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons\packages


    I think this dir should have been created by the client for you if it didn't already exist... if it was created in $\resources instead of in $ then that's a bug I need to figure out and fix. :-|


    I tried first by the normal

    I tried first by the normal way (It appeared clear to me that $ was the root path so I Unzipped Packages in the root),but it looked like it wasn't found by the client on startup.
    So I tried to move the packages folder into the resources folder,to force the client to scan them (meaning that the master_file_list no longer exists) we can clearly see on the splash, that those files are loadad.

    Still,we can't see anything except the skybox and UI.

    That's why I was wondering if the client need those files to:
    -get load on startup from $\packages
    -be available anytime from $\packages

    About the packages folder creation,I'll provide some feedback once I'm back from work.


    Sorry for the double post.I

    Sorry for the double post.
    I try to get things clear as possible :)




    I think this dir should have been created by the client for you if it didn't already exist... if it was created in $\resources instead of in $ then that's a bug I need to figure out and fix. :-| 




    I've just checked up and it works very well Fridlekh :) 


    The client does create the "packages" folder on the root ( $\packages gets created automatically)


    -> When the tests assets are unzipped in $\packages and the client gets started, a runtime error is met:

     "Couldn't create player entity "Human_M"


    ->If we move $\packages into $\resources, there's no error anymore.The lzi and lzp files are loaded (displayed on the splash), but nothing gets displayed except the UI and the skybox


    (At this point, a new $\packages empty folder gets created on client launch) 


    Lots of things already told, but this way I provide the best feedback that I can give you guys :) 


    Can you look at

    Can you look at $\resources\ResourceMeta.def and tell me if this is at the top? 


        string    Dir = "packages\"


    If so, then there's definately a bug somewhere when that dir is being scanned...


    I've been trying to get a new build completed but it has some pretty significant changes to terrain and water handling, so I want to do more testing locally before I push it out ...


    I've just had a lookNothing

    I've just had a look

    Nothing about the packages dir in the $\resources\ResourceMeta.def file



    string Dir = "world_cache\"

    string Dir = "resources_override\"

    string Dir = "artist_preview\"

    string Dir = "resources\interface\maps\"

    string Dir = "resources\interface\themes\"



    Edit: I tried adding the packages folder to the $\resources\ResourceMeta.def file.

    The packages folder gets load, but no asset displayed. 



    To confirm

    I've just become an Alpha Tester.  I guess it's not much use but I'll post this anyway:


     I downloaded Client Build 384.0 today and copied the .exe file then changed the clientprefs_launch.def files as directed.


    Executing the istaria.exe I got the same as others: UI + sky. 


    I then downloaded the test assets and copied the 4 files into a 'Packages' folder within the istaria root folder and get the runtime error  "Couldn't create player entity "Saris_M"


    I also copied the 'Packages' folder into the 'Resources' folder but I still get the runtime error.


    For info, my ResourcesMeta.def reads the same as Milandra's 


    everything works for me. did

    everything works for me.

    did like in instruction + added

    packages dir in the $\resources\ResourceMeta.def file

    also removed $\version_info\master_file_list.

    Was playing for ~3 hours and killing bosses.

    All was ok so far, client was stable.

    I was testing it on Vista 64 bit.




    Starting fine here


    Win 7 64 bit

    8GB RAM

    Video card = nVidia 9800 GT 1GB RAM

    Loading screen: enabled.


    I had a similar issue of game crashing at assets (since I play a dragon, the client searched for dragona).


    Once deleted the $\version_info\master_file_list file, the game started.


    Splash screen reported version is 383.15.19 and not 384, despite I triple copied the executable from the download. 


    Then it spends a very long time at waiting for structure & land under player to load and seemingly goes in timeout (the same issue happens - rarely - in the production client) so when I log in all I see are clouds.


    TexMem starts from zero and goes up indefinitely

    Terrain ReqQueue stays at 0v0q

    Game global computer memory consumption stays fixed at 220M




    I tried adding

    packages dir in the $\resources\ResourceMeta.def file like said in the post above but I still got "the clouds".

    I seem to be stuck at the floor, I get the combat log window showing other guys are casting stuff but I can't see them.


    Tingan,Any feedback is


    Any feedback is welcome :)
    Just my feeling but, I guess that they do need it.
    It is always better when more than one person present the same anomaly.
    Many local issues can happen.
    When a defect is met by several persons, then something probably goes wrong.
    To find this out, only our feedback can help them :)

    I wonder, have you removed the definition and entities folders in the resources folder as asked ?
    If those folder are still in, assets will display normally.

    No mistakes done
    The version is located in a version file ($\version_info\version or something like that)
    That's why it didn't change.


    of course I removed

    of course I removed em.

     maybe you have some files in resources_override ?

    I guess it should be empty for testing, as I did.

    also additional client directory with test client.


    Thanks for the tipI'll have

    Thanks for the tip
    I'll have a look at my resources_override folder 


    Still, it's a strange behaviour

    I'll edit my post to give a feedback


    Still not right

    I took the additional actions, as detailed by Mitar re the ResourceMeta.def file and the master_file_list and no longer get the Runtime Error.


    On loading the game the following message was displayed for a long time before I was in: 


    ....Waiting For Land Under Player To Load.... 


    Once in, I am back to the UI + sky.


    I'll retrace my steps and check again.




    I have a resources_override folder which includes the mapPack.  Should I empty this folder?


    My results so far...



    I made an entirely new copy of my Istaria folder to do these tests with, deleted everything from resource_override, etc.
    My ResourceMeta file had no entry for "packages\" so I changed that as well as added the folder manually.


    I renamed the definition and entities folders to begin with an underscore.

    (I also moved them to a backup folder for a second launch test).

    VersionInfo folder has been cleared.


    The test assets have been placed into $\packages and the client started up directly with istaria.exe

    I am currently in Kion, the ground has loaded for me and I'm able to walk around.

    fpswindow shows my build as #384.0 (Sep 17 2010). Currently it would seem that the nodes

    (tiles? What do you guys use to describe the grid in which the terrain loads?)

    are only loading once I get close enough, with 'close enough' being right on the edge of the node.


    These results are with the loading screen disabled, but I thought I'd come in and let it be known that I'm moving around in-game

    (and not stuck with just UI and sky) and have seemingly followed the same procedure that those above have.


    Edit: Results seem no different with the loading screen on.


    Almost got it:)

    So I'm using a 32 bit vista home premium system. Here's what I have happening to me. 


    I've followed all the directions. Test assets-check,client prefs- check, moved entities definitions and master file-check, downloaded new client- check, and modified the file to add the packages.


    My UI and Sky loads and im able to talk to people, but thats it:P





    Same issue met: Screenshot,

    Same issue met:


    Greetings,   I have tried



    I have tried this new client a few days ago: I deleted the definitions and entities folders, modified ResourceMeta.def to scan the packages folder, added the resources archives into $\packages, renamed the master_file_list and neutralized all my MODs.

    I first got the same issue as Milandra's screenshot.


    I decided to give another try this evening, but this time it worked properly. I haven't changed any file or any setting. Except some PC reboots,  I have no idea why it has changed this way.

    I just tested the login, I haven't tried further yet. 


    There are still no definitions and entities folders in $\resources but they seem to be read somehow. 



    Could it be server side

    Could it be server side related ?


    Two more things with v384: -

    Two more things with v384:

    - I have no music... but maybe it's because the .def files are missing

    - I need 30 seconds to 1 minute once I've appared in the world to be connected to chat channels or using spells/abilities. With current Blight build, it's instantaneous (in both cases, loading screen is activated) 



    Having read Firebrand's recent post, I realised that I hadn't rebooted after all the changes.  After a reboot the land appears :)


    I'm can now play the game.  I'll post here any issues and findings. 


    I tried rebooting but I

    I tried rebooting but I still get the long wait at the game startup and then the clouds.


    Edit: I don't know if this may help: I got a grand total of two .def files in the cache folder for the server, no other files at all.


    New Java Launcher (version with no new functionality)

    In case we're supposed to post feedback on this:


    I have used the new launcher a few times now with no issues so far.