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Horizons: Client 384.4

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    Client Build 384.4


    Download 384.4

    MD5sum: dc32e1bf0c27c69f2a1cbb2249aabae2

    SHA1sum: 4d4f9e6b832318fff96adb6550c99c439e8bdbf9


    Fixes and Changes


    Fixed packages not loading - updated resourcemeta.def


    Fixed terrain not loading - we now reqest terrain version info when data doesn't exist, even if we aren't standing on the sector itself.  This should never happen in practice once terrain is packaged and patched out.


    terrain data and lod data are saved to resources\terrain and resources\terrainlod respectively now, so your terrain data cache will essentially be empty, with the exception of New Trismus because...


    Included is a sample  terrain package with New Trismus in it.  So porting to NT should be quick, even if your world cache is otherwise empty.


    Issues Known But Not Fixed In This Build


    Specific Testing Procedures


    1) Patch to blight resource set.  Clearing your world cache is recommended, but not required. apparently apparently neccessary.


    2) Download the archive and unzip the files into the root Istaria Folder, overwriting as necessary.

         a modified master_file_list is included, so no folders need to be moved/deleted


    3) Skip patching when starting the client.

    3a) open clientprefs_launch.def

    3b) set requireCommandLineParams=false

    3c) fill in username (email) and password

    3d) save and launch istaria.exe directly.


    Issues Discovered During Testing


    Discuss problems with this build in the 384.4 forum


    Additional Remarks


    Sorry for taking so long. :|