Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 05:06

Changes to Consigner Search

    It looks like the consignment search page at community.istaria has been fixed and is showing up-to-date info again.


    It does not, however, index player consigners.  I will shift focus to public player cons only in the next update, so don't be surprised if there are some cons missing.  


    That being said, I'd like to know where the 'popular' player cons are.  I already have the two in Bristugo.  Any others?  Know of a public one?  Want yours listed here?  Tell me!



    I dont think the community

    I dont think the community consigner search is 100% up to date. It is showing items that I was selling last week that are no longer on the connies, it may not be getting updated as often as it used to be, but it has definitely been updated at some point.




    Care to carry out an experiment to determine how often it is updated?


    i loaded items onto the NT

    i loaded items onto the NT connie last night, 20 hours later these items are not reflected on the community consigner search page, if it is updated it is not as often as before.


    Will be interesting to see if it updates after maintenance tomorrow.


    a week out of date is as

    a week out of date is as pojntless as not at all IMO


    At least 1-3 days old

    The time-bound filter in the trade window won't go past 3 days. There are items showing on the Dalimond consigner which are newer than 3 days but not on the consigner search page.  There are no items that make it throug the filter when set to 'newer than one day'.  Thus those items that aren't on the consigner search are between 1 and 3 days old.



    ... STALE!!! 



    Maint ran and no update to the consigner search.


    Updating again

    Looks like it is working again, imperial cons only on 15 min intervals.


    I wonder if that information should be 'mirrored' here, or if the two should be kept separate, or if doing a search here will also trigger a search there and report both results.