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Horizons: Client 383.38

    Modified by on Monday, February 28, 2011 - 17:38

    Client Build 383.38


    Download 383.38

    MD5sum: f8b2b54a86ece81dcb310f8a9e30f52c

    SHA1sum: fd9a0b0911fc3c02cd25a383d9ff41141979a193


    Fixes and Changes

    FIX: Crash fixes related to previous clutter release
    FIX: Crash fix for logging prints related to playing defensive animations
    FIX: Added test of NPC highlight so that highlight is removed after
    talking with NPC.
    FIX: Correction to loot windows opening / take all feature.
    FIX: Quest journal steps should only expand if you manually expand
    them, not when getting a new quest.

    Issues Known But Not Fixed In This Build


    Specific Testing Procedures


    1) Log in to a shard to make sure your client is patched (Blight or Chaos or Order.  Then log out.


    2) Download the archive and unzip the files into the root Istaria Folder, overwriting as necessary.


    3) Log in to the same shard and play.  Make sure "Full Scan" is disabled in your patcher options. 

    A full scan will revert the changes made in step 2.


    4) Make sure you're running build 383.38.  Once logged in, execute '/window fpswindow' and

    verify that the build number in red text is 383.38.


    5) Please check the following functions thoroughly:

    5a) Terrain clutter corresponds to the visible terrain layer (e.g. grass appears on dirt, not on lava).

    5b) Footstep sound (Bipeds only! Sorry, dragons!)  should always correspond to the

    type of surface your character is running on.

    5c) Intense combat does not crash the client.

    5d) The loot window should allow looting, both with and without using "take all".

    5e) Run through some quests and verify that the NPC hilight and step expansion work as

    expected.  Also try unusual things like recalling in front of the NPC you need to talk to

    to progress the quest, as well as deleting the quest.


    Major, show-stopping build problems should be reported at

    (so this build doesn't get released if it's really broken).

    Minor build problems and discussion should be in the 383.38 forum.

    Issues Discovered During Testing


    (none yet)


    Additional Remarks


    Huh?! 384 to 383? Yup! Due to the problems with the 383.37 release to Blight,

    we're going to let the alpha testers try out the build first.  If no major problems

    are found, this build will be released to Blight around March 3.