Friday, June 2, 2023 - 05:07

Horizons: Client 384.6

    Client Build 384.6


    Download 384.6

    MD5sum: c3cb653053c28fa0bd0bdd637c9eb7e2

    SHA1sum: 74817cb44ce73b291dcf512cfbdd4dbef4c2b112


    Fixes and Changes


    Fix an issue with worldoject package loading.

    Maybe fix Firebrand's crash on startup.


    Issues Known But Not Fixed In This Build


    Specific Testing Procedures


    Test assets skipped, get 384.4 if you don't have them yet.



    contain memory leaks?  I'm not terribly familiar yet with how/why
    win7 works with regards to memory management yet.  Not at all sure if
    the memory usage is due to reported video ram (agp) allowing lots more
    texture data to be stored longer, or bugs that might have crept in
    during code mergers.  Please report any changes in memory usage vs


    Issues Discovered During Testing


    Discuss problems with this build in the 384.6 forum


    Additional Remarks


    to rebuild my system pretty much from scratch. :|  but I think it's
    back up to speed now.  Running Win7 x64 now instead of XP x64, with
    (integrated) ATI gfx instead of (ancient discreet) nvidia, so will
    probably be finding different bugs.