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I see clouds

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    I had a working 384.4 setup.


    I removed stuff, patched to last production everything, started client succesfully with all working.


    Logged out, put the 384.4 alpha assets back, .def files modified, put the 384.6 exe in place etc.


    I also cleared the cache and removed the master list file (the 384 one is way old)


    Game starts but after a very long timeout on terrain loading, I log in into the game but only see the dreaded clouds.


    Any tips? Is there any log or something I could send?


    Do you have a net log?

    Do you have a net log?


    <= Vahrokh Do you meant

    Do you mean the






    Edit: in the $\world_cache directory I left




    It's a 2003 file, never hurted me before.



    <= Vahrokh


    I managed to fix it. There

    I managed to fix it. There was a previous beta file in the way. 

    Now it looks like working very well. 


    <= Vahrokh


    Care to share what exactly

    Care to share what exactly was causnig the problem?


    I re-patched everything and

    I re-patched everything and re-applied the beta files and it worked. It could have been that  "package" folder that some previous posts said to put under $resources and others directly in the installation root.

    <= Vahrokh


    I meet this issue also.When

    I meet this issue also.

    When I use the 384.4 no problem. 

    But once I set up the 384.6 one, I can't see anything but what has been loaded by the 384.4 previously.

    I looks like it's not loading.

    Logs can be found over here :


    ok, I took a look at what

    ok, I took a look at what was changed from .4 to .6 and reverted a few changes related to the skipping of writing out files when not a dev that *should* work, but apparently don't for some reason. :|