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Horizons: Map Pack

    Modified by on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 05:59

    Map Pack 3.5 and Map Marker 3.5 T2 Revamp Update

    The Map Pack 3.5 (Updated to reflect new client and content)

    Maps not changed because I don't have the tools for that.

    This update is Zip Version only (about 420k) includes only edited files.

    This update requires that Mappack 3.5 is installed and working.



    Map Pack 3.5 (zip version)
    MD5 fb0951339dfac0f49746915d103231c5

    Map Pack 3.5 (installer version)
    MD5 60828bea9adf5a9b690298f5e4b99595

    T2 Revamp Update
    MD5 23e662b03bb75e3b3c1662615a56d914


    Changes (Updates v3.5 and  T2 Revamp)

    - Removed the tier numbers on food resources (they were no help in finding resource


    - Updated NPC locations for Dalimond City map


    - Updated locations for mobs and resources in t2 area.


    - Fixed Rift Map


    - All of the marker icons are improved and added new ones for Dralnok mobs.


    - Updated the Quartermaster locations and Included description of Techs they now hold (needs updated again).


    - Added markers for Cenotaphs they are switched on/off with craft machines. Did that for 2 reasons
      - 1. I figure people are probably crafting when they look for them
      - 2. They really standout in Eastern Deadlands when all the mob and points of Interest markers are off.


    - Added a Line of Wall markers that sort of outlines the new coastline in Shadowcoast area.


    - Added new marker Icons for Spectres and Chests (only looked up ones in T2 area) Spectre marker could also be used to mark Blight Anchors


    - Added locations for new npcs and some guards that have quests.


    - Added locations for new Crafting machines that need built


    - Removed 200 unused map marker png files (681 reduced to 481).


    - Removed approximately 600 markers in areas where numerous markers were showing spawn size (ie 7 markers showing the kenaf spawn near Heather Pad).


    - Changed ClientPrefs_Common.def from string mapPath = "resources_override/resources/interface/maps/" to string mapPath = "resources_override/interface/maps/"to reflect client changes.


    - Changed some of the addicon panel icons to reflect new mobs from Dralnok's Doom.


    - Changed sort order of Foods (now Alphabetic)


    - Added markers for NPCs, Mobs, and Resources added by Dralnok's Doom (did not add any markers for the Labrynth because there is no map for it).


    - Added a read-only version of the map pack UIMapWindow.def to Resources which overwrites the game version. If map does not show resource markers or if there is not a double column of marker toggle buttons on mapwindow it means this file is NOT correct and has most likely been overwritten by patch or a scan.


    - Moved Markers from \resources_override\interface\maps\Istaria to resources_override\interface\themes\default\textures to reflect client directory structure changes.



    Installation (Map Pack 3.5)

    These instructions assume you have installed game in default location that the game normally installs to and that you are NOT normally comfortable with creating directories and such things.


    *******IMPORTANT NOTE For all Users******

    You must be offline from game when you edit and save ClientPrefs_Common.def file or it will not be effective because this file automatically gets saved on exiting game.


    *******IMPORTANT NOTEs For Vista and Windows 7 Users*******

    You must have admin priveledges for ClientPrefs_Common.def file to edit which can be set in file Properties. If your map displays as a series of mismatched map tiles the ClientPrefs is the file you need to fix. This may have to be done after a Horizons update or a full scan too!




    Both versions:

    1. Edit with any text editor such as NotePad the value "string mapPath" at the bottom of the file located in the one of the folders below:

      XP - Vista - Program Files\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons\prefs\ClientPrefs_Common.def:
    Program Files\Istaria\prefs\ClientPrefs_Common.def: string mapPath = "resources_override/interface/maps"

      Windows 7 -  Program Files (x86)\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons\prefs\ClientPrefs_Common.def:

    Program Files (x86)\Istaria\prefs\ClientPrefs_Common.def: string mapPath = "resources_override/interface/maps"


    2. Backup your current resources_override folder then delete everything in it. (there are changes to directory structure so this is important to insure you start with clean folder that has nothing leftover from a previous Map Pack).


    3. The UIMapWindow.def file in resources\interface\themes\default\defs\ directory will be replaced with a write-protected version of the file and as a result when logging in where there is a game patch or a full scan is done on the right side of patch splash screen where it shows Now Downloading will show can't download ..uimapwindow.def.auc... but will continue smoothly through scan/patch and load game with Mappack displaying properly (on my Windows 7 uimapwindow.def.auc is downloaded and a delete window comes up.




    Zip Version: and Map Marker 3.5 T2 Revamp

    1. Download file and save to a safe location I have a directory named Downloads where I save all such files.


    2. Unzip/Extract the file they extract to a Resources folder a resources_override folder, a license.txt, readme3.5.txt.


    3. Copy the Resources and resources_override folders into the game folder default locations are:

       XP-Vista  (Program Files\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons) or (Program Files\Istaria)

      Windows 7 (Program Files (x86)\Artifact Entertainment) or (Program Files (x86)\Istaria)




    Installer/Exe Version:

    1. Download file and save to a safe location I have a directory named Downloads where I save all such files(downloads as a Zip file).


    2. Unzip/Extract the file it extracts to map_pack_3.5.exe, license.txt, and readme3.5.txt


    3. Dbl-click the map_pack_3.5.exe file to start installation and follow the on screen instructions.

       Installs in Program Files\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons by default. If your game is installed in the other default location which is Program Files\Istaria you will need to change the destination directory. You can do this by typing correct address in the edit box or you can use browse button.

    I have tested the mappack on 2 WIN XP systems, and had some people on Blight test it on Vista and they had no reported problems.


    Thanks to all contributors (since V3.21E, sorry but I don't know the ones that helped before) and their permission to use their material:

    - Dahaka (for some resource locations)

    - Dorrin (a Version of the Riftmap, I decided to use the one from Steelclaw, thanks anyway)

    - Eisdrache / Finiaroth (for hosting the mappack)

    - Firebrand Crest (for suggestions to New Trismus and the missing Spirit Isle Map, for help on the installer version, resource locations and testing the pack)

    - IvoryClaw (for testing the pack)

    - Kala (for a lot nice confectioner resource icons)

    - Mimir (for the Rift mapmarkers)

    - Oakleif (for your suggestions, lots of markers and testing the pack)

    - Steelclaw (for the map of the Rift and hosting the mappack)

    - Trixter (for resource locations)

    - Zexoin (for some resource locations)

    - Pekka, Cobal, Terao, and all helpers for all the work they did before V3.21, thanks for your effort!