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    "Why make another community site when there is one already?"


    This site was originally brought into existence for those seeking shelter from the hostile managment of the official community site by the previous owners of Horizons, back when the game was still known as Horizons.  The game has since changed ownership (and been renamed to Istaria).  The new owners, Virtrium, have much better management policies and practices and the official community site lives again.


    Although the resurrection of the community site has negated much of the need for this one, I do not see any reason to abandon it. This is still a player-run site and as such, not subject to the same restrictions as an official community site. As always, current players, former players, and prospective players are all welcome to join and discuss topics related to, and not related to Horizons.


    There is a focus on preservation here. Forum posts, images and wiki entries have some value to the community. At the very least, each contribution represents a time investment that should not be blown away with disregard to the effort put into it. (Note that this does not mean nothing will get deleted. Spam and inappropriate content may still be removed.) This means that your guides and tips won't get deleted just because you insulted an admin, and your entire thread won't get deleted just because someone posted an inflammatory comment.


    Check out the rules for more.