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Horizons: No Launcher

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    The website is down! I can't play!


    Sometimes there may be trouble logging into the login site, for whatever reason. This obviously makes it impossible to start Horizons using the website launcher, and may cause trouble with the standalone one. There is a workaround.


    Note: This will require poking around in your Horizons directory and editing text files. If you are do not understand, are uncomfortable, feel unsure, or are otherwise not 100% completely confident in your abilities, DO NOT DO CONTINUE.





    Logging In With Your Last-Used Character

    If you want to log in the character that you last used, the easiest way is to edit the file <HorizonsDirectory>\prefs\ClientPrefs_Launch.def. Notepad will work just fine for this task.


    Sample ClientPrefs_Launch.def:

    	bool requireCommandLineParams = true
    	string userName = "********"
    	string password = "********"
    	string worldName = "CharHomeShard"
    	string authServer = ""
    	string facility = "CharLastName"
    	string publicKey = "<really long hex sequence>"
    	string playerName = "CharFirstName"
    	int bioteNum = 1234567
    	int port = 0

    Now, make the following changes:

    bool requireCommandLineParams = true 


    bool requireCommandLineParams = false 
    string userName = "********"


    string userName = "" 
    string password = "********"


    string password = "your-login-password"


    Note the double-quotes surrounding the string. Those are important and need to be left in!


    Once you make the changes, save and exit notepad. Now run <HorizonsDirectory>\horizons.exe.


    You will have to edit ClientPrefs_Launch.def and put in your username and password each time you run horizons.exe, as it gets masked out as part of the startup process.





    Logging In With a Different Character

    Now this gets more complicated.  You need to determine the bioteNum and publicKey for the character you want to play.  Once you have those, edit ClientPrefs_Launch.def as above, but change these values as well:



    (Change to the character's home shard, all lower case.  It can be "chaos" or "order".)



    (Change to the character's LAST name, if it has none, just take out everything between the double quotes.)



    (Change to the character's FIRST name.)



    (Change to the character's public key.)



    (Change to the character's biote.) 


    If you're lucky, you read this ahead of time and copied the required information down for each of your characters.  If you didn't, all hope is not lost!





    Recovering Your Character Information - Website 

    If you can log in to the website ( and get to the character's launch page, the biote and publickey are in the page's source.  Right click in the body of the page and hit view source (ctrl-u may work as well).


    But... You're probably here because you CAN'T log in to the website.





    Recovering Your Character Information - Logs 

    One last chance!  Look in <HorizonsDirectory>\logs and <HorizonsDirectory>\logs_old

    for files that start with "client_net_log".  Each play session generates one file.  The character information should be in the first few lines.  Hopefully, one of those files has the information for the character you want to play.