Monday, October 25, 2021 - 22:04

Order Shard Hello!

    Ok, first post of the shard, what should I say? Oh, HI THERE! Welcome to's site for the Order Shard. As a fellow member of the shard, I extend my warm greetings to you, Please reply with a post so others who come along may find familiar faces here and know who to ask for assistance in their travels.



    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone Laughing


    Hiya :-8)

    <pounces Zex> Hullo!


    Edit: How do I get a picture in my sig? :-8) I can't seem to figure it out.


    Veya ! *nuzzlepounces* Nice

    Veya ! *nuzzlepounces* Nice to see you here :)


    you can add an image in your sig when you edit the account settings, using the tag *<img src="url" />* without the "*"



    Hum. Didn't seem to work. Is there some kind of HTML thing I can check or something? <scratches head>


    All I did to make it work

    All I did to make it work for me was copy my sig graphic as a graphic from where I'd hosted it into my sig line here.


    Greetings to my friends of Order

    Hi C'gan! good to see you here!


    Greetings and Salutations to all.

    Hello Order!


    Hi, Percival. Glad to see

    Hi, Percival. Glad to see you here as well. With the new board, are you going to take up quill and ink and pen the shard's herald reports again, this time being able to get it put where it belongs rather than cowed away in a small corner of the forums? If so, we have a bit to discuss news-wise.



    OOoooooOOOOO! You tempt me

    If Nadia has no complaints and there aren't any special hoops thru which I need to fly, I would be most happy to take up the quill again:)  It would be a great joy to report on the accomplishments of my friends and neighbors.


    I. Percival Dragon :)



    Nice to see a public site up, one where I DONT have to posess Zexoin. :P

    Greetings Order.



    Esmarn McShiply of Order here, greetings to all and especially you Veya, if it was not for your persistence, I would not be in this great game today, for that I must say thank you



    Hi, little blue one! Welcome :-8)


    hey sili now the

    hey sili now the registration is opened on the community boards, you can get your own account :)



    Hello Istaria,


    I have returned after a long absence.