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Whats keeping you sane?

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    I've dabbled in World of Warcrack, Lord of the Rings Online, and read a lot of books. I miss my Carpenter. Getting close to caving in and bringing her back to life.


    Sane? What's sane?

    Horizons was my first MMOG adventure after MUDs, but my connection at the time couldn't handle the cities too well.  Ended up playing Eve Online, which I still do, and dabbling in WoW for a bit (never again!).



    Who said I was sane? :p


    I still play HZ, though I can't tell if that's a sign of sanity or insanity. 




    Oh yea, forgot about Eve. I

    Oh yea, forgot about Eve. I played that a bit. But I wanted a game with an avatar I could run around and explore with. Been trying to fill the HZ void. not working so far. ~sigh~


    Tried Ryzom, WoW, Vanguard,

    Tried Ryzom, WoW, Vanguard, now playing WoW again and waiting on Fallen Earth.


    i played

    vanguard for a night, but just wasn't getting the vibe.  doesn't seem to be anything i would pay to play....

    got a few characters on rubies of eventide (, but haven't played in a while....when i get the urge, i played adventure quest ( and mostly, dragon fable ( - mostly because i can play them at work without having to hassle the security.  i have some free mmorpgs to try, sent by some blighties - rappelz [and the other games from the same company] ( ), which seems to be somewhat horizons-ish, and knight fight ( - which i don't know much about, but here is some of the email about it:

    Some of the features you will find in KnightFight:

    - Choose from hundreds of weapons, shields, rings, amulets and suits of


    - Customise your weapon to improve its effectiveness

    - Improve your weapon with magical soul stones

    - Carry out battles against other knights

    - Create your own individual avatar; there are billions of avatars


    - Your alignment is influenced by your actions in the game

    - Build your own castle

    - Carry out assignments you have received in the tavern to earn gold

    - Act as a robber knight or protector of the weak and poor


    as i have indicated elsewhere, i do not intend on even thinking about a pay to play game without a trial period.  i am so done with losing games and money and time to heartbreak.....





    Ilfar, who r u in EVE?

    Ilfar, who r u in EVE?



    I play still Vanguard and I'm still happy with it. Housing there is almost like horizons, except that you can actually build something on your plot than a house. BUT you can place all kinds and styles of furniture there (like sims :P). SO CUTE. Oh and the ships, i love my 2 draggi ships :D. Oh and i love my draggi that follows me everywhere (CUTE!) oh and my flying wynvern draggi. I hope after the griffon mount quest they get wyrm and wynvern mount quests ingame.


    If you want to see some screens, feel free to browse :)



    But i still would throw VG in the bucket for my lovley Horizons :(