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oohhhhhh [poo poo]

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    i was just booted from the game (connection reset error) and now i cannot get back in, and none of teh websites are up (,, and when i try to launch with launcher bypass i get a "could not connect to the authentication server"





    Same here =(

    Same here =(


    It's giving me the same

    It's giving me the same problem but for some reason it keeps trying to
    patch my launcher and then proceeds to not do anything. And when I go
    past that part the connection keeps timing out when I try to log in.


    Anyone here got the information for how to log in through a batch file?


    I kinda think something is

    I kinda think something is down that a batch file isn't going to fix.


    geez nadia you are quick! =P



    The traceroute to any IP in the block that Horizons is using at Lime Light stops when it leaves my ISP. This is the same for three separate machines on three different ISPs.


    Adjacent IPs not in the Horizons block will go through. This means Lime Light stopped advertising a route for that block. I don't know if it was intentional, or accidential, but I do know that this is something you can't bypass. (The machines have been effectively removed from the Internet.)


    Cross your fingers and hope something good happens.


    I know Frid was on Order

    I know Frid was on Order tonight, forshadowing "something big that EI prolly wouldn't tell us".  This sounds like something they would pull.  <sighs>


    Not quick...

    Not so much quick, as lucky. :p


    ....... crap, this sounds

    [edit: Watch your mouth... again.]




    crap, this sounds an aweful lot to me like they (EI) just decided to stop paying the internet bill for horizons in hopes that we would just go away........





    well [doo doo], there goes my weekend (or whatever tues/weds off counts as)


    DOH DOH!

    Sorry about that.  It looks like llnw is actually dropping traffic destined for the ip block as soon as it comes into their network.  (Thanks for pointing that out, Sol)


    Different cause, same effect. 


    hate to say i told you so.....

    if this is something more than the usual fookup, i fear it could be the end, folks.......hope i am wrong!





    First the SSL certificate of the login website, and now the entire access to the game. The website is fully down actually. It sounds like a "shut the machines off, close the door, an throw the key under it. It's all over guys".


    Now, even if I hope to be wrong, there is probably a need to make Horizons work somewhere... on private servers for example.


    Wait (not so long) and see.




    But ...well poo!

    I still have so much to do in Istaria! Like perfect my lazing skills (Im so close to being an expert lazer) and I haven't finished my ancient rites yet! And SiLang still needs to open his lair chamber. <faints> I think I need Veshta's healing skills.


    I'm not a networking expert,

    I'm not a networking expert, but what Steelclaw describes above sounds too convenient for it to be an accident. Most likely, Limelight has cut off the oxygen supply for the same reason they did it once before; unpaid bills. Let's see if EII/PME/whatever they call themselves these days care enough to scrape together some cash...


    ...heh, who am I kidding? Seems some people are already aware what's going down, and this very likely is a symptom of those events. Guess we'll hear more later. 


    I played last night...

    just fine. What happened? I can't get even my silent patcher won't work. I guess this means no level 20 crafting for my new draggie this evening. Cry




    *crosses fingers and hopes

    *crosses fingers and hopes for a miracle*


    Look at the date

    Today is the one-year mark for the transition to EI. 


    All the Tulga employees were let go on Friday the 14th.  EI announced the takeover on Friday the 21st, but it was completed on the 20th.  Obviously, operation of Horizons started being turned over to EI on Monday the 17th. 


    The hosting contract with Limelight would have to be one of the first things to be switched to EI, so doing it the first business day after shutting Tulga down makes perfect sense.


    Maybe EI only signed a one-year contract with Limelight, or maybe Limelight decided that a year of not getting paid was enough, or both.  Either way, sadly, I can't help but think that it will be some time before we see Istaria again.  EI won't pay, and if the game goes back to Baker, he has nobody to run it and no interest in spending any more money on it, so there's not much chance he'll start it back up.


    Without another buyer - probably one with cash up front - I really doubt the game will be back any time soon. 


    Istara grant that I'm wrong...  Cry


    Minor update

    So... I can't talk to anyone at EI. 


    I called Lime Light and asked about the routing trouble.  According to their noc, the problem is with their (EI/PME/Tulga/whoever owns it now) gear and it's not anything that llnw did.


    I guess this means we sit and wait till someone notices everything is down.


    On the bright side, it means that everything will probably come back up. 


    Don't bother the people at Lime Light by calling them.  It's not their problem. 


    excellent news!!

    [edit: Really. Read what you're writing before you submit it. Edit it if you missed it. Stop swearing. There is no excuse for doing it here.]


    this is moste excellent news! if EI wanted to go to ground with HZ, they would almost certainly cancel the internet connection for it first. maybe they just had a power outage or something and no one has been in to reset the servers. i could live with that.

    but pray that that is indeed the case (or similar) because i am literally sitting in my livng room almost totally paralyzed by this. i have no life so when [I-shouldn't-have-to-keep-cleaning-the-swearing-out-your-posts] like this hppens to me on the internet, i have nothing to do :(

    So is that it?

    Well I have read all the posts. I spent the last 3 hours researching the history of HZ and reading everything about the buyout etc. It seems to me that this could be the end. Is anyone able to confirm that we are done?



    I don't think we're done yet.  Medium-rare, maybe.  Hang in there.


    Not being able to gain access . . . .

    *Bellows his cry of anguish to Drulkar, fearing that He and all of the other gods of Istaria are now truely dead*


    I have harbored a secret fear over the last 6 months that something like this would happen upon the anniversary of the sale of Horizons to EI, but I was expecting it to happen on the 19th/20th. I do not have insider information, but I have been reading the signs of the times and have felt like a hapless investor in ENRON just before they lost everything. Realizing that most businesses only operate on the premise of the bottom line for THEMSELVES with no regard for their customers etc, I was thinking that they would hold on for a year, then write us off as a loss so as to recoup some of their investment at tax time.


    I am just glad that I finished my awesome T5 lair a week and a half ago and I ALMOST capped my skills as a lairshaper. I can go to my long sleep as a 100/100/99.25 Ancient. *snorts saddly, tears silently flowing*

    At least I have a ton of screenies to remember my beloved land by as I sleep.


    Now, for practical matters . . . if this is really a case of the plug being pulled, how do we make sure that our bank accounts are not tapped beyond this month? Heh. We cannot even go in to cancel our accounts.


    *Beats his bloody chest in despair, praying that he is wrong . . . . Oh Please let him be wrong!*


    Tuesday, July 17, 2007 @ 10:39 a.m. PST

    Well, it is now 33 minutes later than when I first posted -- I attmepted to bypass and use the launcer out of the Program Files and I can log onto an abbreviated version of my acount page, but the launcer will not update, thus kicking me out.  Did this on all 3 of my accounts. 

    HOPE is rapidly becoming a dirty, 4-letter word.  I am bummed . . . . .


    Just up on the website


    Please be advised, there was a massive power failure at
    Lime Light Networks in Phoenix today, as a result of sever weather and related
    factors.  This power failure caused an uncontrolled shutdown of all
    Horizons facilities/servers.  We are in the process of working through all
    of the issues and rebuilding databases where necessary.  This process is
    going to take sometime, we will provide an estimated up time on this website,
    just as soon as we have a better idea of the time frames involved. 

    Thank you for your understanding, 

    The Horizons Team




    That just put up on [url][/url] , and all other web addresses are pointing to it.



    Gah! No BBcode???? What kind

    Gah! No BBcode???? What kind of penny-ante forum software is this without BBcode? :P


    j/k ;) 


    hey, my plan worked!

    so, i went out to see transformers in the hope that it would distract me and give EI a few hours to get back on their feet. seems to have worked! :) i don't buy the [poopie] about limelight having the power failure, (unless the server are physically on limelight property?) but it is good to know that they do intend to get it working again.

    oh, and by phoenix do they mean Phoenix AZ? as i in (living in scottsdale) could personally go down there as an ambssador from the HZ community and inquire as to the status? anyone got a street address? (seriously, i'll do it if it aint to far away)

    one more thing: when (yes when, hope is all that is keeping me sane right now) the game comes back up let EVERYONE know to register here so if and when this [fluffy bunny] occurrs again, we aren't cut off from each other.


    Yes, the servers are

    Yes, the servers are physically on LLNW's property. That's the way all games work.. they co-locate servers in a facility designed to house them, power them, keep them cool, and provide cheap, high-speed peered net connections.


    Yes, the power outage is real. There is a major sandstorm blowing out there today, and it has knocked power out over a wide area.


    I was wondering what happened to the backup generator for the colo facility, but apparently it failed, too, if they indeed have one.



    well, i don't know about any

    well, i don't know about any sandstorms (i do live here) but we are prone to some nasty straightline winds out here that tend to take out transformers.  and it is possible that when a transformer blew, it fried their routing gear (probable even) so backup gens or no there can be no connection.  however they seem to be recovering with all due haste.  if it aint up tomorrow i may get bored enough to run over to the limelight office and make some inquiries in person. 


    well im finally in your forums

    good to at least have some news:)


    Highly unlikely any kind of

    Highly unlikely any kind of power surge can make it through the line conditioners to the sensitive equipment inside. Most colos are designed to withstand direct lightning hits on the incoming power. A transformer blowing up wouldn't have much of a chance of doing any significant damage.


    They have a bit more than your typical $5.95 6-outlet surge suppressor on their equipment. :P



    keeping the faith

    when we had that major outage in feb many paniced, im gonna keep a good attitude over this, till i know for sure im just gonna wait and not get too frust, lol i hope


    heya goth good to see ya. 

    heya goth good to see ya.  also good to see that peope are finding this place even though istaria.comis down (more or less down anyway)