Monday, October 25, 2021 - 23:33

Formatting issues

    Sometimes the forum stops word wrapping in posts, and when scrolling to the right, doesn't paint the rest of the post.  The "Hi!" thread in General has this issue pretty consistantly for me.


    Secondly, does the forum software support alternate color scheme options?  I find it a little low-contrast for my tastes, though still readable.



    I'm not sure what is causing the display you describe.  It sounds like your browser might not be loading the page properly.  What browser and OS are you using?


    As for the contrast, I can change the theme, however, user-defined colors aren't supported with this theme.


    That being said, which parts of the site are you having contrast issues with?  I can adjust the color values in the theme. 


    Using IE 6 on XP Pro - It's

    Using IE 6 on XP Pro - It's a company machine, so changing browsers isn't an option,


    I was talking about the forum pages.  Black text on olive drab is just a bit low-contrast.  I know that user-defined colors are disabled for posting, but I was wondering about optional themes for users to choose from.



    I'll see if I can replicate that later today (might have to wait till after work).


    As for choosing different themes, yes the software supports choosing alternative themes, but it requires me to make another theme (and you know how long it took me to make the first one).  As a compromise, I'll try adjusting the background of the body for more contrast.




    How's that?


    You will probably need to reload/flush your browser cache.




    I think that's a lot more

    I think that's a lot more readable, thanks!



    The forum is easier to

    The forum is easier to browse through FireFox.

    I do have some suggestions, could we chose to see posts in assending or decending order? I've noticed that when threads get enough posts instead of seperating the posts into pages, it compress. You see the first few the the most recent. All in between are hidden.