Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 05:01


    I need some feedback here. Please help me out by 'exercising' the site.  I need to know: What needs to be changed/fixed before this site goes live?

    Post your findings here!  Thanks.



    Oh yeah..   Some things to

    Oh yeah..


    Some things to focus on: 

      overall user interface

        font sizes, color contrast, element alignment


      posting user interface

        can you actually post?  does it work with your browser?


    I can post it seems :) nice

    I can post it seems :) nice WYSIWYG editing.


    Edit : I can edit too ;)


    I can post with explorer too

    I can post with explorer too


    Changing Personal Info?

    Guess maybe I am a dunce here, but I want to change my pic and my quote that attach to my page when I post.  Went to the "my account" area and figured i could do it from there.  Guess not.  So...


    1. How do I do it.

    2. Might make the "change personal info" button a bit more obvious to us folks with bifocals Wink






    Editing personal info

    Sorry about that.  There is a link near the top of the "My account" page that says "Edit" right next to "View".  You'll be able to change your info there.


    Connie Search

    Might want to put a link to the connie searches onto the menu on the left, i think it is a buried at the moment and making it more prominent will encourage more people to use it


    No "edit" and no "view" visible, however...

    Thanks Nadia, I did find it, Right below my name there, but get this: It doesnt show up visibly.  I just happen to be dragging my mouse around and i saw it change from an arrow to a little hand.  Apparently the link color is mixed in with the background....Any way this can be rectified?







    You're the second person to mention that.  Not everyone has that problem, which makes it hard for me to replicate.


    What browser and OS are you using? 


    I definitely want to fix this though.