Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 21:37

Well, its been a long 4 days

    my account has been invalid since saturday, and now this, i hope it all get back to normal soon



    im new at this lol


    no worries check this out

    check it out

    there were storms

    the team is working on it

    dont worry be happy



    was getting worried



    everyone was extremely worried hehe well at least i was but its all ok now

    just have to wait :D

    glad to give u some relief

    tell everyone u know but i think everyone on here knows too :D


    Will do

    i just hope the log-in error is fixed too, lol havent been able to log in since friday on my account


    go to :DD

    go to the active topics on this site and look at the post  i made of way to get on Horizons (updated) great way to get on when horizons is working *nods* very easy if u dont understand directions just ask me i will do my best to explain.




    that trick didnt work :)


    hmm... did u just try it ?

    if u just tried it then i believe

    horizons is still i might not work atm

    but idk what to tell u to try other wise..

    look around the site there are other ways i think...


    been trying it since saturday

    along with a few other tricks


    *looks innocent*

    Hmmm who's turn was it to feed the hamster?? <shifty eyes> I didn't do it I sware! :P



    good one, maybe poor hampster got all dead and stuffs



    trying to add a avatar so please forgive me :)


    Ok didn't work :( i'll try to figure it out later