Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 12:39

LOL! Timeless!~

    i guess the timeless guild is taking over

    i have seen a few of us hehe

    Xanthia i see you!

    and Aarazth!

    if ur in timeless leave a shout please!


    Whee, hello! Trica here

    Whee, hello! Trica here ^^
    Yes, I've noticed too that pretty many people from Timeless have registered here. :)





    Dang how did you see me ;P

    Dang how did you see me ;P


    lol at the bottom ot the

    lol at the bottom ot the page shows who is on :P


    *pokes Xan*

    *pokes Xan*



    im just happy this site is here and not linked to hz, so when hz goes down we can gather here to find answeres:)


    ^^ *dragon hug*

    *dragon hug*



    *hugs back*


    do u have msn?

    it would be easier to talk on there :D

    i have a horizons msn

    use it for my HZ friends i would

    love urs and aideens if thats ok ?



    *pokes back* ^^ okay i know this isn't the place but.... HELP ME!!! >><< I did the stand alone launcher thingy worked the first time but then kicked me out cause of "maintence" tried again later and now it just keeps telling me to update but when I click "yes", nothing happens. Silent Patcher isn't working either. I need directions for this .......


    yay hello everyone!

    yay hello everyone!


    nearing arop

    my dragon, Zozel is lvl 83 all quests done, lol and i have been offline 4 days now, im very eager to get back in and lvl up , arop is so close i can taste it:)


    lol xan..

    xan go to

    there were storms...

    they are workign on it..


    sure! :D It'd be great to

    sure! :D It'd be great to talk with you ^^ what's your address?


    hehe i dont care

    hehe i dont care if it is public cause its not my personal one lol its



    hehe :D


    hehe :Dadded you now :)

    hehe :D
    added you now :)


    uh huh....

    ooooh ...well I think I shorten my life by a few years with that panic attack >><<. Stilll why the heck isn't the Launcher working anymore? I got it going a few hours ago then it booted me off. Guess the "team" is messing with it or something....


    wonderful :D says ur offline

    wonderful :D

    says ur offline but

    ill talk to u on there :D



    yeah they must be i suggest leaving it alone.. and then just checking the istaria website for updates and see when they tell us to return :D


    *insanity setting in

    I picture something around the lines of, "We were successful in repairing the game," *everyone cheers* "however all characters were deleted in the damage..............Have fun in Istaria!" *everyone is silence in shock while one person is heard weeping*




    but it would be better than loosing horizons completly...



    xan say something like that

    xan say something like that again and ill give you another "spiced" gnome treat -.-;


    O.o *runs*

    ........*points at so call friends* seee look at them and witness their cruelty first hand! *runs away*


    naa im not that mean this

    naa im not that mean this one was just really really spicy :p not actual dynamite just hot sauce  "special" hot sauce >.>



    i didnt say anything!


    hehe, yeah I forgot my state

    hehe, yeah I forgot my state to offline mode ^^ I always log in like that before coming online to everyone ;D just checking first who are online and stuff.


    hehe *glomps!*

    hehe *glomps!*


    [Quote]not actual dynamite

    [Quote]not actual dynamite just hot sauce "special" hot sauce >.>[/quote]


    Thermite? i want a thermite gnome......



    oh, and while i'm thinking about it, why the heck cant i register ont he Timeless guild site?  every time i try i get the following error:


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/timeless/join.php:6) in /var/www/timeless/join.php on line 100


    I think I got the same error

    I think I got the same error as well, however my account still was created. o.o Try to log in, maybe you got registered even if you got the error. ^^