Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 10:14

Chatting in the forum?

    I noticed a few of you started common chat in the forum.


    No, it's not against the rules, though there may be better ways of doing it.  For the most part, I intend the forum posts to remain archived indefinitely (well, except for that entire tree I nuked by accident) which raises the question, should these chat threads be subject to archiving?  It is nice to be able to poke someone passing by and say "Hi!", on the other hand, that discussion has very little importance once it's over.


    My goal is to provide a "proper" place for people who want to chat, so that it is easier for them and reduces the topic derailment.


    I'd like some ideas and feedback.


    Ideas so far:

      - Shoutbox style chat (it shows up as one of the panes like the 'active topics' and shows the last few messages)

       - Full blown web chat.

       - Using a single topic in the forum for chat that gets cleared periodically.

      - Having a 'Chat' forum where individual topics become locked and later deleted after varying stages of inactivity. 




    embed a java window to the

    embed a java window to the IRC channel.


    Realtime Chatroom

    Right now I see there are 8 of us on the site it would be cool if we could all chat in a realtime chatroom.


    Realtime chat, eh?

    Well, so far, there's been a request for an irc-interface of some sort, and a realtime chat room.


    I'm hesitant to provide any sort of embedded connection to the stratics irc.  I do however, like the idea of a shoutbox.   Any objections?


    Both are equally functional

    Both are equally functional options, though an IRC link would be simpler to set up and would allow those on the forums to communicate with those in IRC without having to open an IRC client (and vice versa, those on IRC chatting here without waiting for the broweser/page to load)


    I think the IRC stratics

    I think the IRC stratics java would be a good idea, particularly for those who frequent here but aren't all that savvy on doanloading and using IRC programs. At least they could be involved in the conversations without having to get into technicalities of IRC commands immediately (or being frustrated by not know what the commands are to get into the channel or into the right server).