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wiki howto

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    Editing the Wiki


    Once you have been given the necessary permissions to edit the wiki, you can begin to make changes.  Existing pages may be edited by clicking on the edit tab at the top of the page.  Use the WYSIWYG editor to make any changes and submit the changes (or preview them).


    When you click on a link to a nonexistent page, the "page not found" message will include the option of creating a new page.  Clicking that link will bring you to an edit page.


    To include links to other wiki pages (existing or not), put the title of the page between double square brackets. ( [[ )  If you want to display a different link than the title of the page, put a vertical bar (|) and the alternative link name before the closing brackets.


    When naming the pages, try to stick to a convention.  Horizons related pages start with "Horizons: ".