Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 04:07

hi Everyone

    -pounces  upon anyone who is bigger then her and enter- Hello

    Please say hi  -goes to her corner cave and gets cookies for anyone who does-

    If you know me from game please don't hurt me....or eat me!....Laughing


    'ello cirra, good to see you

    'ello cirra, good to see you here.  :)



    -gives Shur a gnome cookie-


    Heya Cirra. :>

    Heya Cirra. :>



    -gives cookie to Luthen- Hi welcome to my corner


    hiya Cirra

    hey cirra good to see you on

    hope the game works soon too..

    i guess they had maintanence problems..

    ill pass on the cookies do u have any

    chocolate gnomes?





    -digs around in her corner- um yeah -pulls outa  chocolate gnome and gives it to Agua moving away quickly not to be mistaken for a gnomb- oh and hi welcome to my corner



    *tackles gnome*

    *munches on crazily*

    lol i love these little guys


    sorry to all Gnomes out there

    Dragons got to live...

    Dragons got to eat... chocolat gnomes =P


    *sees cirra staring at me*

    what!? they are good want some? *replies with mouth full*






    -shakes her head-

     -shakes her head- no thank u -starts making more cookies and such working in her corner cave-



    hehe suit ur self..



    *burps* whoops excuse me



    *walks over to corner of cave...*

    *plops down to wait for server*


    bored already Tongue out


    -smiles at her-

    -smiles at her- do u need anything -looks around to see if anyone else is around- anything to drink?




    no thanks im good..

    ... just looking at RoP stuff on the web..

    and on msn.. talking to my RoP group..

    and on the open chat for this website..

    if u  want to get on it the link is




    okay suit urself -sips some blue wine-



    hehehe, why dontcha join the

    hehehe, why dontcha join the IRC channel?



    the what?  

    the what?



    Did someone mention

    Did someone mention cookies??


    the IRC (Internet Relay

    the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel, there is a sticky in the general forum with details and even a link to a java client for the channel so you dont have to set up an IRC client.