Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 09:21

Please help if you can.

        Somehow I deleted the stand alone launcher and all the version information. Is there somewhere I can get the updated game ? Well other than the site when its up. Or even just the stand alone launcher and let it update.



    No idea how you did that! If it's not in your recycle bin, this could be difficult.


    Here's the launcher:


    If you know exactly what files you're missing, you can find them at


    http: //<path-to-file>


    Where <path-to-file> is the path and filename relative to your horizons directory. In other words:

    c:\program files\tulga games\horizons\<path-to-file>



    ty, that amost worked but

    ty, that amost worked but now it says it needs the most recent .net patcher also...think I am stuck till they fix the site. Thanks for trying


    There should be a way to do

    There should be a way to do that scan in the standalone patcher options. I think it's right there before you hit the play button, in the same window as your character selection.




    My pc crashed again and I just got it rebuilt, I installed the game with my HZ cd's but since I cannot connect to the web site to patch still no HZ for me, I tried that link you gave, I received an error stating that an exception has been generated that I cannot handle.  Any way around this?  If not hopefully they will fix the site soon, they already said it would be done on wednesday, it's thursday now...but what can you expect from EI...


    Hope all is well in Istaria :)



    The standalone patcher requires .NET.  I think it was designed around 1.1, though it will run with 2.0 as well.


    You might have to download and install the ActiveX control manually if you havent run the web patcher on your current windows install.