Saturday, November 28, 2020 - 15:18

How to use colour text in Draggie Chat and MarketPlace


    You are either gonna like this or hate it, but please note a couple of things. 
    1. Try to use a soft colour (like a pastel) they are easier on the eyes

    2. Some people do not like colours in chats so you may end up being put on ignore if you abuse it. 


    Within game
    type the following command
    /alias d c dragon <!--color r=0.5 g=0.5 b=1>

    This creates the new alias command

    Close down horizons


    Open windows explorer and goto the following location

    c:\program files\artifact entertainment\horizons\prefs\chaos_chasing\UICommu nicationPrefs.def

    Open this file in notepad

    Scroll down to the bottom of the file.

    Amend the alias command entry to the following

    string Long = "c dragon <!--color r=0.5 g=0.5 b=1>"
    string Short = "d"

    Save the file

    NB. There is tab formatting within the file, probably best to leave the formatting as it is

    Reload Horizons on the same character.

    Type /d test

    And watch the result in dragon chat

    NB for market

    /alias m c marketplace <!--color r=0.5 g=0.5 b=1>

    NB to change the colours you have to edit offline directly into the DEF file doing it in client does not work

    NB type
    /alias d

    to delete the alias command