Friday, February 23, 2024 - 12:53

Comments on gallery images

    I put some piccies on the gallery, but i didnt realise you can comment on the images. Is there anyway to add a link below each picture if someone has posted comments on the image?


    Otherwise you have to scroll thru all the images to see if anyone has commented on them.


    Maybe something like "3 comments"




    I noticed that you could

    I noticed that you could leave comments under pictures too.  Is this something desirable?


    I mean, would it be more appropriate to have discussion in the forum, instead of attached to an image?  Or does that really matter?


    Input on this is welcome, especially BEFORE I go and do something. 


    well, comments are nice, but

    well, comments are nice, but for serious discussion of an image (critical dialogue and whatnot) an images forum would be better.