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Horizons: Website Launcher

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    Problems With the Website Launcher




    The website launcher makes use of an ActiveX control.  Under most circumstances, this means you will need to use Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7.



    European Site


    Wrong site!

    Right site!



    If you get a site with a green background, it WILL NOT WORK.  The 'green site' is for the european shard, Unity.  It is no longer in operation as Game Network has dropped Horizons.  However, the IP redirection may still be working.  If you end up looking at the green site, try this url:




    ActiveX Control Problems

    For one reason or another, the launcher.ocx ActiveX control won't load.  This will cause problems like:

    • "Please wait for the ActiveX Control..." not going away
    • Disabled "Play Horizons" button

    • The dreaded "1-2-3 error"


    The fix is to install the ActiveX control.




    Installing the ActiveX Control (normally)

    When you first hit the page with the "Play Horizons" button it, you probably got a pop-up like this:

    If you hit 'No', the above problems will result.  Just close the browser, try again, and hit 'Yes' this time.


    NOTE: if you are using IE7, hitting 'Yes' will NOT install the ActiveX control.  Kind of stupid, huh?


    If you have hit 'Yes' and still can not launch, or you did not get such a security warning, continue on to install the ActiveX control manually.




    Installing the ActiveX Control (manually)

    1. go to this url:
    2. OPEN it...
    3. Open With...
    4. Use Other...
    5. The PROGRAM name is %WINDIR%\system32\regsvr32
    6. Now you can select Microsoft(C) Register Server
    7. It should succeed in installing.
    8. DONE!  Try playing again.