Friday, February 23, 2024 - 11:55

Shard Heralds????



         As we begin the migration over, have you had any thoughts about seeing the Shard Heralds reinstated?  Or, is this more of a do-it-yourself affair where  I would not need special permissions to post reports and pictures???  I would dearly love to get the Order Herald back up and running :)


    Any thoughts?





    I have no problems whatsoever with doing this.  I do ask that you give me  a few days to get things set up.


    Currently I do not have any sort of blog or news article framework in place, which would be most appropriate for doing stuff like that.  I'd rather you not use a forum post.


    Is anyone reporting for Chaos? 


    I would sure repost my

    I would sure repost my reports here if wished, because my guild website where my old reports where "saved" is being shut down.


    (and I'm such a html noob that i dont know how to get such reports on my webspace :P, maybe in word documents but people dislike opening windos stuff in the net ^^)


    why not?

    Yeah, sure!  The easiest way to archive your stuff is to back it up on the net. :p  


    What's going on with your guild's site? 


    The guildmember who has

    The guildmember who has hostet our guildforum gets a new webspace, sadly this webspace cant host a forum. My webspace cant host a  forum either, he would send the db to someone who can host it.


    But whatevery, its sad but not a big tragecy.