Friday, February 23, 2024 - 12:21

Player Guides and/or Help sections?

    Just wondering if these might be on your list of things to add, Nadia? If not, I'd like to request them. Pogowolf did so many great guides and I'd hate to see them all lost if the other forums go flaky. I'd also like to put a submission in on my guide for plotbuilding as I've heard of some new landowners out there are starting to ask the same questions.




    Looks like..

    That looks like excellent content for the wiki.  Would you like to add those?


    I can try, but I'm not

    I can try, but I'm not exactly sure how. Never really worked with wiki before.




    It's kind of like making a post.  I gave you the necessary permissions to edit the wiki pages.


    The workflow for the wiki is top-down.  That is, you make the higher-up pages (like the index, or table of contents) before you make the lower down pages (actual guides, howtos).  You'll be making links to content that doesn't exist yet.  Try to get used to it. :p


    Start by reading the howto near the bottom of the wiki section.  Then hit edit on a page that exists already to see how it's put together.  As long as you don't submit the changes, you won't do anything permanent.


    Note: When you make a heading, use one of the heading formats.  Don't use bold/underline text to make a heading.


    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Oh yah, see if you can categorize the guides into one of the existing sections in the main wiki page.