Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 10:33

New Dragon Roleplay Guild on Order.

    After speaking with a couple dragons, the idea of making a new guild like this focused on RP came up, and I was wondering if any others would find this interesting.



    A Clan/family like setup to the guild.


    New hatchlings to the guild would have the choice of being "adopted" by one of the elders, or roleplay a hatching as the child of a pair of elders.

    There would be titles for different aspects of the guild, Loremaster (Dragon that comes up with stories/history/anything Roleplay and dragon related), Matchmaker (Self explanatory), Master of Ceremonies (Would have the job of coming up with/researching ceremonies) And much more.  


    Patriarch/Matriarch and the Council of Ancients-

    Two methods of Guild Master would be represented, the Patriarch/Matriarch and the Council. Power would be 50/50 between the two.



    This position is attained and held through combat. Every week or so a dragon can challenge the current Patriarch/Matriarch for the title. This is a friendly competition ment to give members that are competitive something to look forward to.


    Council of Ancients-

    Once a dragon reaches 100 seasons and ancienthood, has the chance to join the council. It would consist of 3 dragons who are voted for by the entire guild. Also a means of equalizing leadership, the council members can still hold other titles.


    We would also hold guild chat in a channel so that non members can join our Roleplay if they wish.


    This is just some of the idea's some of us came up with, and with feedback (And horizon's site launcher working) we just might end up with something  good.



    A very good idea Silithus,

    A very good idea Silithus, if I was more into RP, I may have considered joining such a thing, however I feel too at-home in Scions, but you have a good idea, and hopefully it will eventually work, keep at it, it will catch on eventually I'm sure.


    Guild Progress

    Were are up to 5 members on order, a site, and the name of the clan is Niet k'lert.  Dragons are welcome to join our channel if they are respectable, no leet speak, and Roleplay.


    Clan Site.