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Bristugo Job Queue

    Modified by on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 - 11:11

    I thought it might be fun to share the stuff going on behind the scenes here. This post will be editied as the various projects change state. Feel free to yell at me if I'm forgetting something.


    Set up article framework for Shard Heralds

    7/20 - Queued

    8/21 - I haven't forgotten about you! I'm doing this next.


    Create chat feature

    7/19 - Queued

    7/20 - Looking at an AJAX chat to run in one of the panels to the left. There is a lot to rewrite so it works, but when it does, it will be neat! (yay! no page reloading)

    8/21 - Initial version is in place! Give it a try! (You will not see it if you are not logged in.)


    Create wiki section for guides

    7/19 - Queued

    7/19 - Waiting on response from C`gan (who initially brought up the idea).

    7/?? - C`gan has posted his guide.



    While I'm here, is there anyone else who wants to add guides as well? (Stuff you wrote, from the forum, and from is fair game, please do not consider stuff from or other sites)


    Rearrange menus so useful wiki entries aren't buried

    7/21 - Queued


    Any nominations? I've got one for the consigner search.


    Create IRC interface

    7/20 - Queued

    7/21 - Cgi::Irc looks pretty nifty! So would a single irc bot sitting in the channel that relays chat from the chat block being worked on for this site.

    7/20 - Need to talk with Stratics to figure out if they will permit it.

    8/21 - Still no info from Stratics. Should I just set it up and see what happens?


    Figure out why tabs are invisible for some users

    7/21 - Thought it was solved. Guess not! Queued.

    7/24 - Fixed, I think. Let me know if there are problems. "Hope I didn't break anything!"

    8/21 - No complaints. Closed.


    Private Messages

    7/26 - Queued


    Read-All Button

    8/21 - Queued (More than just enabling. :/)


    Member List

    8/21 - Queued

    8/21 - Added and closed! (It just needed to be enabled.)