Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 22:59

Oh flax, how I've missed thee

    I returned to Horizons a few days ago. Right away I had a huge job offered to my construction worker saris. I love projects! So hello everyone, and helloooo flax fields.


    I know what you mean.  When

    I know what you mean.  When the music, oooh the music, began I was taken back to the utmost joy of Crafting. I have to do all.  Even though the trainer didn't ask I even harvested Essence.  I did love essence Laughing


    If anyone was on "Life", way back when, I helped make the building blocks  for much that went into the Rainbow bridge. This has always been a point of pride.Embarassed




    Participating in world

    Participating in world projects is like that.

    There's a certain amount of pride in being able to say "Hey! I helped build that!" 


    As far as music goes, I'll be happy when I hear the level-up sounds, "you killed something" jingle, and of course, the "someone died"  *DONG*!


    Meanwhile...  hey uh.. do you still love essence? :p 


    Yes where are the wisps?  I

    Yes where are the wisps?  I went to Kion and became very depressed. Frown It used to be crowded with the dim wisps.  Even the Channeler has been moved into the Main Building.  Are the only Dims those few Near New Trismis?



    There are dim wisps all over the place. 


    • Island of Wisps
    • Genevia Island
    • Nuthala
    • North of Sslanis

    Good that you like doing essence.  Want to sell some? :p


    I have place 200 on

    I have place 200 on consigner at 10c each which is 5c less than I did in '05.   Laughing