Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 22:28

Site changes!

    Well, you might have noticed things look /slightly/ different.  I'm trying to change the CSS around a bit.  The list bullets in IE got fixed, so did the invisible tabs.  I'm now trying to figure out why IE(6) insists on indenting the links despite me setting their indent to 0.


    Bear with me, it'll get fixed eventually. :p


    Meanwhile, you may experience difficulty reaching this site in the next couple days.  My provider has asked me to move to a totally different IP block.  This might impact service for an hour or more.  Either way, don't panic.


    Thanks for your hard work

    Thanks for your hard work Nadia! Surprised


    *continues uploading pictures* ^^



    You should have done that on the staging site first!


    NEW IP

    Almost!  The provider for this server will be changing IP addresses soon, within 2 hours.  You may get some "connection refused" or "host not responding" errors.  These should not last for more than a few minutes. 


    See ya on the other side! 


    Orrr not!

    Postponed till tomorrow.



    CSS changes

    Aha.  Fixed the weird indents.  Flush your cache or hit that reload button!