Tuesday, October 3, 2023 - 02:37

WTB a Lair!!

    Hi all! Newest laircrafter Vermithraxis Draconis reporting for duty and looking for a lair.

    If anybody knows of any players/guilds selling any plots, please let me know in-game.

    If a plot has to stay within a guild for whatever reason (i.e. I have to join the guild) please let me know.

    Looking for something BIG so that, as a newb, I can screw up the layout, as I'm bound to do.



    As far as non-guild community lairs go, the only ones I know of that are left are in Trandalar and Drakul.  (Northwest Trand.)


    Neither of the two are particularly accessable, especially if you're a hatchling.


    If you can figure out who is in Altheri's guild and if they'll sell you a lair, Ker'tis is kind of nice.  (North Trand)  There's a portal out in an amber mine not far from there.


    Check with whoever has back bay, gerard, baker and yewn too. 


    Found one!

    nvm, turns out some players have some lairs up for sale. If anybody else needs, check out Drakul, far East side, bit to the north. All 120x120x144





    Standard warning about Drakul:  if you're a hatchling, don't bind on Drakul.  You'll have a very hard time getting off.




    That would be TOO funny if a hatchling bound to Drakul, *imagines a poor hatchling trapped on the island with all the big monsters* Laughing