Monday, October 25, 2021 - 23:38

Borking with the editor

    Hey, look!  It's a new editor.  I've switched from FCKeditor to TinyMCE.  Hopefully this works a bit better.  You can toggle it on and off, as well as set the defaults (on or off) in your preferences.


    Images and files can be uploaded in two ways:

      1) to the gallery as an image

      2) to your personal account space on here (15MB limit)


    #1 is mostly for sharing the images, #2 is mostly for embedding them into something else.  Or so I think.  I'd like some commentary on this.


    coming:  blockquote button in the editor 



    Durr.  There IS a blockquote button.  The 'indent' one.

    This text is in a blockquote. Lalalalalalala see? It's indented! 

    Yay for the obvious. 



    Buh. Inline CSS styles are disabled if I want to filter html. I guess that's good since I don't want people to bork with the CSS and do crazy stuff like 1000% font size.


    You're limited to the usual html formatting, which should be sufficient in most cases. IMO, most people don't deviate from standard formatting unless they want to be obnoxious.


    Plus this way, there's no making the text unreadable.  *hits people who insist on using dark text on a dark background*