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photos howto

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    I want to post my pics!


    There are TWO ways of getting images on this site. Each one has a different purpose.


    The Community Image Pool

    I want to put images into a forum post or wiki page.


    This method is provided because it is the most convenient to do while editing or composing using the WYSIWYG editor. Start by clicking the Insert/Edit Image button, then the Browse icon next to the image URL field. From there, you can select an image that you or someone else has already uploaded, or you may upload a new one.


    Files are prefixed with your user id, so don't panic when you see a slightly different file name than what you submitted.


    There are separate directories in the pool.  Please use them.  While it is preferable that wiki images get used in the wiki and forum images in the forum, it is also preferable to refer to a forum image in a wiki post, rather than upload the image a second time. 


    Unless you have permission to edit the wiki, you will not be able to delete or modify uploaded files, including the one you just uploaded.  Try not to do anything embarassing! 



    The Site Gallery

    I want to share only an image with other visitors.


    Use this when you don't want to inline an image in a post or page. This is good for things like screenshots and IRL photos. They will remain in the gallery and not get buried in the forum.


    To create an image, click Create content on the menu on the left, then click Image. You can then indicate where the image is to go, its title, and select the file to upload.




    Have fun and happy posting!