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Horizons: Known Bugs

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    This isn't right!


    Below is a collection of known game and client bugs and their workarounds. Right now, they are in no particular order. This may change.


    Dragon Character with Biped Equipment Window

    Problem: Your dragon has a biped equipment window.


    Solution: type /loadui and hit enter.




    You Are Too Far From the Structure

    Problem: You are trying to configure the crystals on an equipped, socketed item. You get the message "You are too far from the structure" when you try to drag a crystal to or from the socket, as well as when you try to drag the item to your inventory.


    Solution: Open your equipment window, right click the item and unequip it. Re-equip it and try again.




    Vault Window Will Not Populate

    Problem: Your vault window is empty and still loading contents.


    Solution: Wait. Awhile. If it has been more than 10 minutes, try relogging. Close your vault before you log out. Always!




    Socketing a Crystal Corrupts Equipment Window Icon

    Problem: You play around with socketed crystals and the icon in the equipment window becomes corrupted, often showing something completely different than the equipped item.


    Solution: unequip the item and equip it again. Also /loadui will fix it.




    Missing Cargo Disk

    Problem: You detached your disk and forgot where it is!


    Solution: First, try to locate it on your map. Bring up the map window and make sure the Markers (the star) button is depressed. Look for a white dot other than the one that indicates your location. That is your cargo disk. Manually choose the Istaria map if there is another map showing.


    If there is no other white dot, you will have to find your disk the old-fashioned way. Open your equipment window and hover your pointer over the arrow near your cargo disk. The arrow indicates the direction relative to where you're facing, and.. well, it's pretty obvious. Hint: If your disk is around 20,000m away, you probably left it on a training island (or the main area, if you are on a training island).




    No More Music

    Problem: Your music stopped playing, you didn't turn it off in the options! It comes back if you relog, but goes away again.


    Solution: There is a workaround: re-initialize the sound manager. This requires a command to be entered in the file Commands_Player.def. If you're uncomfortable performing the steps below, stop, don't attempt them!



    1) Check if there's a commands_player.def in your horizons\resources_override folder. If there isn't one, copy the one from the resources folder over.


    2) Edit the commands_player.def file in horizons\resources_override using notepad.exe:
    add the following:

    string name = "soundReInit"
    int numParams = 0

    right below the lines:

    TCommand list commandList =

    So, it should look like this:

    TCommand list commandList =
    string name = "soundReInit"
    int numParams = 0

    3) Save the file and exit notepad.


    4) When your music disappears, use the command



    More to come... maybe. Suggestions are welcome!