Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 10:35

cant stay connected to horizons

    i login the game fine but it doesnt seem to get further from just that part and after a few mins i get error id  30 which basacailly says im having network problems but  it only seems to affect horizons if anyone can help id really like some advice



    Hm.. What shard is this?  Are you able to visit the https login site?


      chaos and i can get on


    chaos and i can get on sites everything game works fine up to the point where it starts to load my character and the land then it just kicks me out before it loads 



    I don't know if Chaos is having issues.  (I'm not in a position to log in.)  Given that nobody else is reporting trouble, I think this is a problem on your side.


    Since you are able to access the other * sites, it's unlikely that there is a network connectivity issue between you (your ISP) and the servers for HZ.


    That brings us to the host.  Are you running any sort of firewall or "internet protection" software?  




    no im starting to just think

    no im starting to just think its the internet around here im on vacation so im using wireless from a hotel lol oh well guess i can wait a few days


    Thats different!



    You left that part out!


    Hotel wireless is all sorts of weird.  Some only allow http/https traffic and funnel it through a proxy.  Some give you a wide-open connection, and some will only allow "known" traffic.


    The data stream for HZ uses UDP on a few high-numbered ports, it's definitely not a common protocol. 


    What hotel are you staying at and what company is providing their internet service?  Gotta know which places to avoid staying at. :p 


    a ummm hampton inn i believe

    a ummm hampton inn i believe lol its near salem massachusets or whatever lol



    Okay, I guess.  If you can't get a signal from a different access point, I guess you're stuck till you get back home.  Good luck and seeya whenever you get on!