Monday, October 25, 2021 - 23:08

WorldProjects Team Project List

    This thread is a listing of the current WorldProjects on Order Shard. From time to time, projects will be updated on the status of construction and what resources are still needed.


    (and, for those out there who thought they were all done, only the devastation of the community meetings ground this list of projects to a halt. They're still out there to be built)



    Easier way?

    If you can convince Tagath to fly all over (close enough to the ground to get player structures and world objects to load), he'll populate the world cache with all the structures -- planned, finished and incomplete ones.


    If you zip up the sector_*.def files in the orderhorizons directory (do NOT include the stuff in orderhorizons\terrain) and send it to me, I can generate a list, similar to the one for Chaos. 


    And uh.. if he's gonna do that, turn on the debug logs (those get turned off every time you log in) and send me the debug and net logs from those sessions too.  I can generate a map of available plots and ownership/permission settings.


    Interesting idea, Steelclaw.

    Interesting idea, Steelclaw. I didn't know something like that could be done, but there is one minor flaw to your logic. Tagath can't fly yet!


    And, besides, this is only for WorldProjects, not every plot and lair in Istaria.




    Yeah, not being able to fly does make things a bit difficult.


    As for the distinction between world projects vs plots, there really isn't any.  You go around to get one, you get the other as a bonus.  Besides, if you cover everything, some dedicated individual can go about and fix all the destroyed lamp posts in Istaria. 


    Dikaina Lighthouse

    Dikaina Lighthouse (27040/20280) Complete

    Grayling Ivy Archway (28654/20655) Complete

    Grayling Lighthouse (28811/20352) 23.9%
    Bronze joints: 22/200
    Bronze sheets: 131/400
    Cedar braces: 58/500
    Cedar timbers: 328/500
    Dim source: 0/200
    Dim spheres: 0/100
    Flax bolts: 0/350
    Flax tapestries: done
    Iron sheets: 0/100
    Sandstone blocks: 31/250
    Sandstone keys: 24/200

    Grayling Magic Artifact (28668/20525) 61.3%
    Bronze joints: done
    Bronze sheets: done
    Cedar braces: done
    Cedar timbers: done
    Dim source: done
    Dim spheres: 85/500
    Elm braces: done
    Elm timbers: done
    Flax bolts: 69/100
    Flax tapestries: done
    Glowing spheres: done
    Iron joints: 0/100
    Iron sheets: 4/100
    Kenaf bolts: 88/100
    Kenaf tapestries: 0/100
    Pale source: 309/500
    Pale spheres: 7/500
    Sandstone blocks: 23/100
    Sandstone keys: 46/100
    Slate blocks: 82/100
    Slate keys: done

    Grayling Small Gazebo (28722/20605) 27.6%
    Cedar timbers: 0/150
    Dim spheres: 0/125
    Flax bolts: 0/75
    Pale spheres: 0/150
    Sandstone blocks: done
    Sandstone keys: 0/125

    Grayling Lighthouse (28816/20359) 19.7%
    Cedar Braces: 45/500
    Cedar Timbers: 322/500
    Dim Sources: 0/200
    Dim Spheres: 0/100
    Bronze Joints: 22/200
    Iron Sheets: 0/100
    Bronze Sheets: 127/400
    Sstone Keys: 24/200
    Sstone Blocks: 31/250
    Flax Taps: 0/100
    Flax Bolts: 0/350

    Grayling Large Gazebo (28714/20380) 7.6%
    Cedar timbers: 3/75
    Elm timbers: done
    Kenaf bolts: 0/100
    Pale spheres: 0/175
    Sandstone keys: 0/250
    Slate blocks: 0/350

    Dikaina Magic Artifact (27244/20085) 53.1%
    Bronze joints: done
    Bronze sheets: done
    Cedar braces: 42/100
    Cedar timbers: 59/100
    Dim source: 421/500
    Dim spheres: 463/500
    Elm braces: 10/100
    Elm timbers: 11/100
    Flax bolts: 10/100
    Flax tapestries: done
    Glowing spheres: done
    Iron joints: 13/100
    Iron sheets: 9/100
    Kenaf bolts: done
    Kenaf tapestries: done
    Pale source: 54/500
    Pale spheres: 36/500
    Sandstone blocks: 30/100
    Sandstone keys: 4/100
    Slate blocks: 0/100
    Slate keys: 15/100

    Kirasanct/Morathaven Tailor Hall (23492/27474) 0.0%
    Bronze sheets: 0/50
    Cedar braces: 0/300
    Cedar timbers: 0/500
    Dim spheres: 0/50
    Elm timbers: 0/100
    Flax bolts: 0/200
    Sandstone blocks: 0/50
    Sandstone keys: 0/50

    Ruxus Rope Bridge 2 (21869/20886) 61.8%
    Bronze Sheets: done
    Cedar Braces: 0/150
    Cedar Timbers: 200/250
    Elm Braces: done
    Elm Timbers: 15/350
    Flax Bolts: 392/600
    Flax Tapestries: 28/200
    Kenaf Bolts: done
    Sandstone Keys: 0/250


    Thanks to Karya, these can be posted as well:


    Vagrant's Rest (West of DeadPool)

    Ivy Archway
    Pale Essence Sphere - 0/75
    Oak Timber - DONE
    Elm Timber - 13/25
    Cedar Timber - DONE

    Large Fountain
    Sandstone Keystones - DONE
    Pale Essence Sphere - 0/200
    Dim Essence Sphere - 66/200
    Sandstone Blocks - DONE
    Cedar Timber - DONE
    Flax Bolts - DONE

    Lamp Posts (3 total)
    2 posts need:
    Pale Essence Sphere - 0/20
    Dim Essence Sphere - 0/20
    Cedar Timber - DONE
    Iron Sheeting - DONE

    1 post needs:
    Pale Essence Sphere - 6/20
    Dim Essence Sphere - 1/20
    Cedar Timber - DONE
    Iron Sheeting - DONE

    Theed's House (by woodworking hut in Elm Treant land north of Deadpool) is DONE!



    Drakul portal open

    The portal to the rest of the world from Drakul was opened last night at a ceremony with few words and lots of cheers. This was a culmination of work of two days with lots of dragon wings and even some large efforts by bipeds as well to assist with stocking the much-needed resources for lairshaping units.


    Dranslin led the build starting on Sunday afternoon and continuing to Monday night for the ceremony.




    Congrats to those on Order to busted their tails and finished the portal!


    WorldProjects completed

    I know I've not kept up much of the activity over here since the community forums were reopened, but this is one bit of news that I think should have been posted over here and I'm now able to do it.


    As of the July 4th weekend, all WorldProjects on Order Shard are complete. For those of the community who have been adamant about it, the remaining Morning Light wall sections have been thoroughly discussed and the decision is that they will NOT be built for easier access between the town and resources until and unless a section of wall is removed for a new gate somewhere in the southern to southwestern area to accommodate. THEN and ONLY THEN will the rest of the wall be built, as well as the new gate.


    And, though it's not been formally put into the forums yet, with the last project complete (Morathaven tailor hall), I have retired as WorldProjects Team Lead. I had hoped that the news would be from Takora in a herald report, and it may at the end of the month. But, many still do not know about it as of yet.