Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 09:45

WAnt to come back to HZ. But how?

    Hi, I have stopped playing HZ more than a year ago but I feel the urge to come back and play a bit.

    Sadly I have some problems with that.


    First I do not have a credit card and as the european servers were shut down are there any other method to play without CC?

    Second, I tried the trial but I am unable to create a new character through the website. The problem is that when I click on start game the game crashes because of the patchers.

    The .net patcher crashes with an exception and the "normal" one is not able to open the no_update_list.auc

    By the way I use Vista 64 so thats probably part of the problem.


    Any idea how I can solve this problems?


    Sadly to say, there is no

    Sadly to say, there is no other payment option right now than to have some sort of card that has either Visa or MasterCard logo on it. You could use a bank debit card or set up a pre-paid card through your bank to obtain such a type of card. In fact, the pre-paid option would currently be advised as there are problems with the billing system (underbilling/overbilling, that sort of thing) and you may want a level of protection between your actual bank account and the Horizons billing system until the bugs get worked out.


    As for your problem with Vista64, there are a couple threads dealing with how to make Horizons work in Vista. Currently, a few people have found some solutions that tend to work in some instances but not others. The website has been updated recently and the problematic viruses were removed, so it is safe to view once again.




    If you stopped playing, then you were playing before.  Dig up your account info and go from there.  Just... log in. 


    Yeah, there are people going "well, you should pay".  The fact is that the billing system is broken and there is no guarantee that you will be able to cancel, that you won't be billed multiple times, that the subscription will reflect on your account, or that the money you pay is even supporting Horizons.


    This is a very good time to come back and play.  Think of it as an extended trial period. :p


    Now, for your launcher trouble...  Are you activating the launcher from the standalone horizonslauncher.exe, or through the website?  (note: should you get past this point, you'll have trouble getting horizons to run on vista.  As suggested, check community.istaria for some vista tips.) 


    I was going to try and play

    I was going to try and play around with it and I personally could care less about paying but sadly I dont recall my old account info. Would have been great to play like GW but oh well I suppose


    Think hard!

    Try to remember the email address you registered with.  Thats your username.  If you can remember your password, good.  If not, try the password recovery link.


    You can make a new account without legitimate financial info, though you should use a legitimate email address that you have control over.  At some time in the future, you will probably be asked to pay, and that would suck if you had a bogus email address.


    I tried to use the only

    I tried to use the only email addresses I remember having at the time but none seem to work. The PW recovery would only work too if we still had those email addresses. Sadly the military moved us to TX a year ago and those addresses are long gone.


    Muahahaha I figured out the

    Muahahaha I figured out the PW lol. Now if I can only get it to run on Vista64 and stop giving me errors when i push play



    Horizons won't run on Vista64 ... at least not out of the box.  Theres a bit of pragmatic testing going on, though I've yet to hear of any set of changes that consistently works.


    Microsoft recently released some sort of compatibility update for Vista.  I have no idea if this will help, or if it will break your system in a horrible manner, or make your hair fall out. 


    Damn that sucks. Where would

    Damn that sucks. Where would I find what M$ released to possibly fix the issue? I tried the whole DLL deal and it didnt work. As for the hair failling out, well being military I dont have any anyway so guess Im good there lol. Any help to get this damn thing running would be great


    here goes..

    This is the thread in the community.istaria forum for dll overriding...


    This is an article about the compatibility and performance updates:


    Good luck! 


    I am tring the updates now

    I am tring the updates now to see what they do for me. I  tried the whole DLL thing last night. It didnt work lol


    If you can spare the

    If you can spare the harddrive space, just make a small partition and install XP on it.  I use a MacBook Pro dual-booting XP on a small partition and i use xp almost exclusively to play HZ.


    Have a 100gig HD but ive

    Have a 100gig HD but ive heard people have issues trying to dual boot with Vista. I think my HD is half full. Not sure how to partition the space out for XP and be able to boot to it and what not. So if you can advise how to do that it would be greatly appreciated.


    Quick and dirty!

    Well.... You could skip the headache completely and jump straight to XP/2k/98...


    Obtain a smaller hard drive.  60GB is plenty.  30GB is plenty... 10GB is probably too small.


    Set that up as another hard drive in your system.  To swap between the two drives, disable one and enable the other in your bios.