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Horizons: Mods

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    The Horizons client is incredibly flexible and can be modified in many different ways. See what others have done!


    Valornyx's UI Themes

    Some really cool UI themes and icons!


    Zuraneve's Dragon Information PDF File

    Collected information about levels and spells and hoard etc.. for dragons


    The Rift Map

    *CAUTION: SPOILERS!* The rift is intended to be a maze! Try to run through it at least once without a map before you resort to using one. Anyway... dump the contents of this file into your \Horizons\Resources\interface\maps

    directory! (Maps don't work in the resources_override directory)


    Online Biped Adventure Rating Calculator

    Calculator to work out what your biped adventure rating would be if you added a few other schools or levels. Created by Silowyi (I believe)


    Instructions for adding the Setscale Command

    Setscale Instructions


    Zexoin and Firebrand's sounded emote pack

    Emotes and sounds by Zexoin and Firebrand


    Runecasting Mods
    Texture mods by RuneDragoon