Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 11:03

Fighting Techniques

    So, I spent a few hours in the arena getting knocked around and got the impression that the ensuing discussion over fighting techniques was a rare one.


    What sort of techniques do you use (don't forget to say a little bit about your build out) for different types of mobs?  Note, I'm talking about fighting styles, not the item techs that are put on weapons and armor.



    Depends on what I'm fighting

    Depends on what I'm fighting but I usually will activate spiked scales and refreshing breeze beforehand if it's a difficult fight. Then I pull with a ranged prime bolt or two. Then it's usually, tailwhip --> gold rage --> ravage --> breath weapon.


    If it's near dead or not doing much damage I just let it go from there. Usually the t5 mobs such as most of the dire type wolves, golems and even some withered aegis mobs are either dead or soon to be dead. If not I will follow up with the rest of my dragon attacks such as galewind and/or bite and if really necessary another tail whip or silver strike.


    I personally believe in killing mobs fast so I take as little damage as possible though I know how to kite and draw a battle out I prefer not to. That's not my way