Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 10:19

New ownership!


    RE: New Owner Ship

    Oh wow!!  What exciting times!  I jumped for joy when I read that article!  And it is some old people from Tulga, very interesting.  Can't wait to get back and play again on Blight.  This really has me excited about the things that hopefully will come to Horizons.



    Yeah, I'm rather excited about it!


    At least now I know my sub will be supporting HZ and not "some other game". 


    An observation

    This is not a rant.  I love this game, I did before I quit but could not take the hassle. This is a historical observation.


    Virtrium LLC (Rick Simmons) = Aritifact Entertainment - the original developer


    Now that off my chest. :-)  I am seeing some signs that somethings have changed. Better comunication with player base is the biggest so far. I am back for at least the 14 day trial.