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Ideas chat log 8/21/07


    [MarketPlace: Toka] Attention all As some of you know we the players of this shard are put togeher a list

    [MarketPlace: Toka] to Help Vi in the returning the game to it glory

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] I'd like to see the list.

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] i as well

    [MarketPlace: Toka] we have many ides so far but i would like a few more before we submit this

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] make a new class

    [MarketPlace: Toka] Such as what

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] one com pletely original from the others

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] another race would be fun

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] one for the verterans

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] I would fix the old things first before adding new..

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] true junbe

    [MarketPlace: Toka] That is on the table Junbe

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] i agree

    [MarketPlace: Karya] confectioner... ambrosia

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] example.. adding in master fabric spools form

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] more quest would be good

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] Fixing lag and bug hunting would go a long way.

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] I agree with Junbe

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] adding in expert confectioner forms

    [MarketPlace: Toka] more quest is on the list tooo

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] Letting us attack the Velio for there forms

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] lol

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] lol

    [MarketPlace: Toka] lmao

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] heh heh

    [MarketPlace: Yunaleska] lol

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] using dragons as mounts

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] hehe

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] make an enemy called the renegade vielo

    [MarketPlace: Toka] For the Dragons player

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] Bah

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] 1 point for zaos

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] aggro is ridiculous

    [MarketPlace: Karya] Lowering Veilo prices would be awesome...

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] Letting dragons drop their mounts into the sea.

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] lol

    [MarketPlace: Toka] it was told to us last night a better healing spells would be nice

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] a bit better

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] aye make the vielo prices back to the original

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] 1 point to nect

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] aye a reduction in veilo prices wouldnt be a bad thing or increasing the ability to obtain certain tech comps

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] everythin used to be 25s or less

    [MarketPlace: Toka] the vielo issus is on the list as or better drop rates

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] Myloc hair?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] respawns

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] a group shared map

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] set the spawns for the saritova mith an such right

    [MarketPlace: Toka] what about respawns Nawkia

    [MarketPlace: Karya] Oh and changing the comps required for some items that are not around anymore (eg myloc hair)

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] mith needs more

    [MarketPlace: Toka] one at a time dammm

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] lol

    [MarketPlace: Toka] ok nawkia

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] lol

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] the saritova isles used to have massive amounts of golems

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] you ask and you shall recieve toka

    [MarketPlace: Toka] true they did

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] ya can ask sephi an sonea lol they pulled at least half each time

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] Fixing exp exploits.

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] aye they sure did

    [MarketPlace: Toka] ok Junbe your ideas please

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] *nods*

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] itd make hunting easier for those of us with big rating

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] hehe no let otehrs speak I am more just filling in gaps

    [MarketPlace: Yunaleska] respawn of ressource his sometime not fast anough especialy on the new b towns

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] an make a seperate area for like a few t6 mobs like JUST flies or JUST fyakki

    [MarketPlace: Karya] Finishing machines in some pleace...

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] dragon classes (adventure classes choices) but yet again that should be after fixing per existing things

    [MarketPlace: Toka] Ok on the Machines

    [MarketPlace: Karya] places

    [MarketPlace: Toka] This was a hot topic last night

    [MarketPlace: Toka] as tyhe seond machine are now gone how to get them back a event of small size of a new world project?

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] uses for t6 comp

    [MarketPlace: Yunaleska] more shoulder pet ! haha

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] group shared map!

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] why a group shared map?

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] raising the lvl cap

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] an what do you mean by a group shared map?

    [MarketPlace: Toka] ok back to the machines please

    [MarketPlace: Toka] one topic at a time

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] i was thinking about a way to point something to your party

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] thats what coords are for

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] perhaps to fix the issue of concern of the plots that are highly needed in some areas. (example enkmars) which will go away when a plot reclaim comes... maybe make community plots which is open to all with silos.. and shops etc which us the player base must build

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] that would be awesome

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] aye

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] Agreed

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] Aye

    [MarketPlace: Yunaleska] more world project and more event but im sure that his on the list already

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] yes nawkia but it seems easier to me to have a blinking point on the map

    [MarketPlace: Toka] ok how to deal with the machne first all

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] ok sorry toka

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] feed it souls of the living

    [MarketPlace: Toka] how to get them back

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] As I said community plots where the player base must build the machines and they should also have public silos on said plots

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] kill the blight anchor around it?

    [MarketPlace: Toka] event or world project some world quest?

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] yes any of those would be good

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] push the damn blight out of my swamp so i can grab some ironsilk in peace

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] Reclaim Draak

    [MarketPlace: Toka] i mean like the anvil in Aug has not benn there since merge it would be nice to get it back

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] cant reclaim draak its part of the rop story line

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] an arop

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] remove daknor an fafnir

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] or at least the blight

    [MarketPlace: Karya] Well, from what I've heard, taking out the finishing machines was to slow down the levelling process because people where levelling to quickly

    [MarketPlace: Toka] What about more mobs different ones?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] aye

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] Oh yeah

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] the crab an scorpian they had alrdy made right?

    [MarketPlace: Yunaleska] I would like event where the player his ask to participate in the creation before it comes in game, like the haloween mask contest

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] an the water fyakki

    [MarketPlace: Toka] like were we not promise scorpians at one point

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] y

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] think they should first go after fixng the current mob lack of spawn the drops off them and the aggro range on them before adding new

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] That would be fun Yuna

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] agreed with junbe

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] fix the system for mobs before adding new so when new are added they function as desired

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] i think i'm dreaming but something like a swimming race?

    [MarketPlace: Toka] welll many thing to be fixed we all not this

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] Now that would be cool

    [MarketPlace: Toka] but i like to submit just not a negtive opost so possive must be there to

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] Or at least a swimming skill. Not just sink and die. lol

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] well dreams of new things we all have.. but getting base function back first I believe should be key.. then new adds will be easier and less buggy

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] drgon flies and (replace with name) swim

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] yep noelani

    [MarketPlace: Karya] and it won't happen all at the same time nor will it be all at once, so we'll have to be patient with them.

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] *still things another type of flyin race besides dragon or a new class like a gravity warrior or somethin would be nice

    [MarketPlace: Damos] i don't see the point i could not get a word in edge wise(i see a point

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] aye karya

    [MarketPlace: Damos] sorry

    [MarketPlace: Toka] i need some more possive things about the game now i got 3 pages of what wrong with the game what is right about it

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] i think we all agree that fix is the first thing to do

    [MarketPlace: Damos] to the conersation but too many speaking at once

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] ohh there is alot right with game

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] forms an spells are correct

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] I know I may be shot for this, but more options for dragons. A new specialty class or something

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] example the only game that allows true multiclassing.. flying playable dragons.. a crafting system that is unmacthed

    [MarketPlace: Toka] that is on ethe list for Dragon

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] ok wait wait lets do this like the shard meetings

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] raise a hand an be called on by toka

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] hehehe

    [MarketPlace: Toka] yes please ty

    [MarketPlace: Karya] oh being able to remove lower forms instead of deleting them from form lists

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] before we start with the metting

    [MarketPlace: Toka] ok for the dragons

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] we can place this list online somewhere?

    [MarketPlace: Karya] going afk

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] Is there a way to log the chat?

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] alraedy doing that

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] aye in options

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] I think that on the community forums would be a much better place for people to voice their ideas..

    [MarketPlace: Toka] this is what i got a better healing spell like a bi-peds gets dragonriders? fixed casting when a dragon cast a spell

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] perhaps label topics as .. dragon ideas.. biped.. c4rafting.. adventure etc

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] Dragon riders I don't think would go over well

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] they always said

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] and that way everyone can speak freely and voice thri dieas?

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] dragon riders?

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] ideas*

    [MarketPlace: Toka] well ok on that point it would be up to the dragon

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] what better a healing spell do you need?

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] I'd like dragon riders.

    [MarketPlace: Yunaleska] then a pet pegassus for beped :P

    [MarketPlace: Tsargoth] that they planed on dragons being able to carry soemone but never ride

    [MarketPlace: Zaos] pegassus would be cool

    [MarketPlace: Junbe] adding a sepll for biped to cast.. like a buff called hover or fly

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] I kept hoping I'd be able to take a rider into battle with me

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] ah ok dragons cabs :P

    [MarketPlace: Nectinoth] Carrying biped would be fun too.

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] ok shut up...

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] i agree (have a drag alt)

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] whats wrong with the current 5 plus 4 ability heals as healer?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] people who wanna talk abnout ideas go to the ideas chat

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] if ya want it to be considered go there as well

    [MarketPlace: Toka] it will be run like a shard meeting

    [MarketPlace: Noelani] Sounds good

    [MarketPlace: Drykas] k

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] ok, but i dont think the heals need to be improved... people will be too powerful, the game needs to still be interesting

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] only 4?

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] im done

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] heh

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] more than that...

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] healths, revitalizes group healths

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] plus abilities as healer

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] tarus

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] huh?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] go to ideas chat

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] lol

    [MarketPlace: Tarus] fine

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] valiant since he left

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] wow *wasnt aware there was another ability like detox self*

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] 15sec recycle removes 1 effect

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] what class has that - Healer?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] sorc

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] clarity lvl 34 masterable

    [MarketPlace: Everleaves] blood mage has detox

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] druid has detox masterable lvl 30

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] I still like Purify V - but abilities are better

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] aye hehe

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] i got 5 diff detoxes

    [MarketPlace: Everleaves] detox self other and group....what else?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] purify

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] clarity

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] clarity masterable at lvl 78

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] err 68

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] Spell: Cleanse I Spell: Cleanse II Spell: Cleanse III - IV would be nice - but would be a bit too much

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] can just imagine an 85% chance *drools*

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] o i forgto 7 detoxs lol

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] some people of old have one like that hob lol

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] xGenerate Health IV of Purifying

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] forgot bout that

    [MarketPlace: Everleaves] Quick Group Health IV of Purifying Quick Health IV of Purifying Quick Improved Revitalize IV of Purifying Quick Major Health IV of Purifying Quick Minor Health IV of Purifying Quick Revitalize IV of Purifying Soothing Regrowth IV of Purifying

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] xGenerate Health III of Purifying xGenerate Health IV - I need the form

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] same hehe plus all the heals ever leaves listed

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] i think we have enough detoxes hunh?

    [MarketPlace: Justoi] xGenerate Health IV of Purifying

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] aye my point lol

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] I like mine better Quick Minor Health V of Purifying Quick Health V of Purifying Quick Major Health V of Purifying Quick Group Health V of Purifying Quick Revitalize V of Purifying Quick Improved Revitalize V of Purifying Quick Group Health V of Purifying

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] Quick Powered Group Health V of Purifying i guess i need to redo mine hunh?

    [MarketPlace: Hoberton] Spell: Heal Increase VSpell: Potency V which do most think is better?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] meh maybe not 10health diff not that big to me

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] potency hmm?

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] id add both to a spell if i could

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] potency better by 5

    [Ideas: Toka] ok back to the point dragons and spellscasting and dragon riders.

    [Ideas: Toka] any dragon in here?

    [Ideas: Noelani] Here

    [Ideas: Nawkia] i am

    [Ideas: Nawkia] well i got 2

    [Ideas: Drykas] my alt

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia lol

    [Ideas: Noelani] I've got an ancient and several hatchlings

    [Ideas: Nawkia] ok heres the run down

    [Ideas: Junbe] I have several flying dragons myself

    [Ideas: Toka] Ok first i get the idea that dragon would like a healing spell some what like a bi-ped yes?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] if ya wanna suggest somethin raise ya hand an wait to be called on

    [Ideas: Nawkia] floors yas toka

    [Ideas: Toka] ty mates

    [Ideas: Toka] ok would the dragons like to have a healing spells like a bi-peds has?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *raise hand*

    [Ideas: Drykas] sorry could you explain a little more?

    [Ideas: Toka] yes

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia

    [Ideas: Nawkia] dry she sayin thet dragon get a spell like revitalize

    [Ideas: Toka] correct

    [Ideas: Hraefn] I'd like that.

    [Ideas: Nawkia] if they are goin to do that then fix the bug where the dext an focus dont count on dragons

    [Ideas: Tarus] i agree

    [Ideas: Tarus] bug should be fixed first

    [Ideas: Toka] ok all dragon argee on thsi point then?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] the bug has been there since creation an this would mean dragons miss more

    [Ideas: Noelani] Yes

    [Ideas: Toka] ok nexr point

    [Ideas: Toka] next

    [Ideas: Nawkia] so youd rather miss more an have a healin spell?

    [Ideas: Drykas] yep

    [Ideas: Toka] dragon riders

    [Ideas: Nawkia] sry.

    [Ideas: Toka] who is in fav of them

    [Ideas: Drykas] i thought about them since the creation of my dragon so yes!

    [Ideas: Toka] one is in fav of them

    [Ideas: Zaos] hmm would it just be to carry us around or could we battle while riding?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] im against

    [Ideas: Tarus] im neutral

    [Ideas: Hraefn] I'm for the dragon heals.

    [Ideas: Zaos] cause if they're just for traveling, i'd rather have my own pet then rely on another players ot take me where i want to go

    [Ideas: Nawkia] (those who have just arrived raise ya hand an wait to be called on*

    [Ideas: Noelani] We'd have an unfair advantage if we were able to fight in flight. It should just be to where you need to go

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] so it a spilt on riders then ok

    [Ideas: Noelani] Aye, a seperate private mount would probably be better

    [Ideas: Toka] yes Nawkia

    [Ideas: Nawkia] make an item like a potion or somethin that allows flight for a period of time

    [Ideas: Drykas] i raise my hand for riders withut inflight combat

    [Ideas: Nawkia] or an equipable

    [Ideas: Chuga] <raises claw>

    [Ideas: Toka] well last night it was suggest that so sort of harn to be wore if the dragon wished

    [Ideas: Toka] Chunga

    [Ideas: Chuga] This may be getting close to a Dragon vs Biped argument

    [Ideas: Drykas] sorry i can't understand the point

    [Ideas: Zaos] *riases hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] Yes Zaos

    [Ideas: Chuga] Dragons have enough as it is

    [Ideas: Chuga] I was not done

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *point is if dragons should carry people*

    [Ideas: Zaos] most of the dragons won't probly allow humans riders because of their pride so it might be wasted time to try

    [Ideas: Toka] Sorry Chuga

    [Ideas: Toka] please contuine

    [Ideas: Chuga] to give more abilities such as Heals may be just a start but where will it lead

    [Ideas: Tarus] *raises hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] hopfully to a happier player base

    [Ideas: Toka] one Tarus

    [Ideas: Hraefn] -raises a claw-

    [Ideas: Chuga] Dragons do have their special abilities as it is - Just as Bipeds have their own special abilities - this has already be discussd many times

    [Ideas: Toka] One sec Hraefn

    [Ideas: Tarus] i agree with chuga, 1 heal for draggies is fine, but much more and they might be too strong a race

    [Ideas: Hraefn] -nods-

    [Ideas: Tarus] done

    [Ideas: Chuga] done - but will comment more afterwardsx

    [Ideas: Toka] Ok Chuga ty

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *comments also raise hand*

    [Ideas: Junbe] Dragons were supposed to be the most powerful race...

    [Ideas: Toka] Yes Nawkia

    [Ideas: Chuga] Why?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *makes it more orderly

    [Ideas: Junbe] *raises hand*

    [Ideas: Chuga] sorry for the interuption

    [Ideas: Toka] np

    [Ideas: Nawkia] np

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia your comment

    [Ideas: Nawkia] wasnt makin one llol was sayin what to do

    [Ideas: Toka] ok one to HRaefn

    [Ideas: Toka] Hreafn? you raised your Claw yes?

    [Ideas: Hraefn] If not heals for dragons, then what of the possiblility of more damage type Spells. The Helian type have so few that do damage and spells are supposed to be their primary weapon

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] well it was suggest one healing spell only nothing more plus the fixing to said race

    [Ideas: Hraefn] Aye, but damage spells based around primal.

    [Ideas: Toka] Dragons acan already to my understanding more than hold there own in battle , and this was to aid then a tiny bit

    [Ideas: Toka] that would have to be worked out by the DEV

    [Ideas: Chuga] Barrage II Blast II Gust II Prime Bolt II Improved Prime Bolt II Tempest II

    [Ideas: Chuga] do these not already do damage

    [Ideas: Toka] Dev could work out how to place in the game

    [Ideas: Hraefn] Yes, but alone they cannot slay a beast. It was merely a suggestion for the helian faction as they /are/ spell based. Other than that, I'm done.

    [Ideas: Nawkia] if i remember correctly they have gold burt on blight

    [Ideas: Toka] ok well Nawkia and my self are that notes on all said

    [Ideas: Nawkia] burst..*long range goldrage for helian only

    [Ideas: Noelani] *raises a claw for a suggestion and awaits her turn*

    [Ideas: Toka] ok for dragons that was all i had and other idea before moving to bi-peds

    [Ideas: Nawkia] leme know when y a done hrae

    [Ideas: Hraefn] I said I was done already. -smiles-

    [Ideas: Nawkia] o sry lol

    [Ideas: Toka] Junbe you had sometime to add

    [Ideas: Junbe] its ok let someone go..

    [Ideas: Nawkia] go head

    [Ideas: Toka] you sure?

    [Ideas: Junbe] I'm sitting back for now more of an observer

    [Ideas: Toka] ok next was

    [Ideas: Nawkia] me lol

    [Ideas: Toka] ok Nawkia the floor is yours

    [Ideas: Drykas] noelani too

    [Ideas: Nawkia] as for the dragons i think they are set , aside from the dragon spells as hraefn said

    [Ideas: Toka] ok

    [Ideas: Nawkia] if they choose not to add a healin spell then i say they dont need to fix the dext an focus bug

    [Ideas: Chuga] YAY - Agrees with Nawkia

    [Ideas: Nawkia] without fixin the bug it leads their attacks to be able to hit based on their skill

    [Ideas: Tarus] *hand*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] an they can hold their own as easy as a biped just not in mass killing

    [Ideas: Nawkia] the only adjustment id say is how long it takes to cast spell

    [Ideas: Nawkia] s

    [Ideas: Nawkia] done

    [Ideas: Toka] Noelani

    [Ideas: Noelani] As a suggestion, perhaps an equivilant of biped crafting skills so that the dragon kind can assist in the community and world projects more? Or maybe a community project for the dragons to take part in? Beside transporting resources, I'd like to actually be able to help out more with them, without having to recruit a biped crafter.

    [Ideas: Toka] good point

    [Ideas: Toka] write that down tooo

    [Ideas: Noelani] Er done

    [Ideas: Toka] Tarus is next

    [Ideas: Tarus] are we moving on to bipeds now?

    [Ideas: Toka] yes i plan on it then general idea for wentire game

    [Ideas: Tarus] i would like the level cap to be raised to 120 even if the lvls are extremely difficult to achieve past 100

    [Ideas: Toka] would this be for crafting and adven Tarus?

    [Ideas: Chuga] *raises claw*

    [Ideas: Tarus] i think it is more in place for crafting at the moment, but yes both.

    [Ideas: Tarus] done.

    [Ideas: Toka] well this would go into the range of bring the t6 stuff fully into the game yes/

    [Ideas: Toka] all agree with that?

    [Ideas: Tarus] agreed

    [Ideas: Hraefn] Aye.

    [Ideas: Noelani] Agreed

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye]

    [Ideas: Drykas] yep

    [Ideas: Toka] raise the level cap to 120 is what some have been waiting for a long time

    [Ideas: Chuga] fix the current problems before raising cap and T6 items

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye

    [Ideas: Drykas] *hand*

    [Ideas: Chuga] sorry - wanted to way in before the vote

    [Ideas: Toka] aye can not add more without fixing

    [Ideas: Drykas] *hand down*

    [Ideas: Chuga] done

    [Ideas: Toka] Chuga please go

    [Ideas: Toka] Drykas you next i think yes?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] hand went down

    [Ideas: Tarus] *hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] Tarus

    [Ideas: Drykas] i was just thinking about clarifying that fixing is the first thing to do

    [Ideas: Tarus] there may always be bugs, if we keep giving excses then raising the bar mayt never happen

    [Ideas: Nawkia] fix major bugs then

    [Ideas: Toka] yes we agree to that fix first then add more isssues lmao

    [Ideas: Chuga] agrees

    [Ideas: Nawkia] the devs usualy fix the small ones on reg matanice

    [Ideas: Tarus] i would like further lvl progression as a high priority

    [Ideas: Drykas] lets' vote the fixing thing o it's clear for all

    [Ideas: Nawkia] all for fixing first say i

    [Ideas: Nawkia] err aye

    [Ideas: Tarus] clarify the bugs needing fixed i think

    [Ideas: Noelani] Aye

    [Ideas: Drykas] yes for fixing the bugs hat are blocking new things

    [Ideas: Toka] ok before we all get side track remeber one thing

    [Ideas: Toka] So many issuies as afar as bugs big and small

    [Ideas: Toka] must fix or work on the major ones

    [Ideas: Tarus] agreed

    [Ideas: Nawkia] agreed

    [Ideas: Toka] next idea please

    [Ideas: Drykas] agree

    [Ideas: Tarus] -how about those machines-

    [Ideas: Toka] Pawn Brooker? put them back to where they were so carfter can make some money

    [Ideas: Toka] AS for meself

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye me as well hehe

    [Ideas: Toka] I would love to see this happen i am more of a crafter then hubnter

    [Ideas: Chuga] No fix on the PB - was being abused before

    [Ideas: Junbe] there is money sinks for a reason...

    [Ideas: Junbe] us old timers can remember the old PB's and such .. there was an issue..

    [Ideas: Junbe] its a pain now but a needed pain imho

    [Ideas: Tarus] agreed

    [Ideas: Drykas] how ws it before (for the novices like me)

    [Ideas: Nawkia] people made gold by the day

    [Ideas: Toka] aye

    [Ideas: Chuga] unlimited pawning with no penalty

    [Ideas: Toka] hunter right now can make gold a day

    [Ideas: Chuga] Money grubbing was all it was

    [Ideas: Junbe] i made 20g in kless then a week back then..

    [Ideas: Toka] crafter is hard press to do so

    [Ideas: Nawkia] i tihnk that was chugas point

    [Ideas: Junbe] that is too easy..

    [Ideas: Nawkia] how about puttin a limit on certain items

    [Ideas: Nawkia] ?

    [Ideas: Toka] ok so not put ti to where is was but to about half of what it was?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] sounds good

    [Ideas: Toka] ok all agreed

    [Ideas: Musclebound] I think you need to have limits

    [Ideas: Toka] yes or no?

    [Ideas: Chuga] not without more discussion of the masses

    [Ideas: Toka] yes it would be a limit of sorts

    [Ideas: Toka] ok then next topic then?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] ok sec

    [Ideas: Drykas] could you veteran make some examples?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] topics will change every 30-40min

    [Ideas: Drykas] about PB

    [Ideas: Nawkia] dry people kept craftin gems an puttin them on the pb for about 300 a load

    [Ideas: Toka] and do that all day long

    [Ideas: Drykas] ok

    [Ideas: Nawkia] all week an make abgout 50g a week

    [Ideas: Toka] ok the Veilo now?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *exaggeration

    [Ideas: Noelani] *comment* I've never had problems making money, I don't think it's too much of a problem

    [Ideas: Nawkia] hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia

    [Ideas: Musclebound] yes but it really doesn't matter how much money you make if teher is nothing to buy ;)

    [Ideas: Musclebound] *there

    [Ideas: Nawkia] as far as the vielo go the prices should be brought to their original prices an if not original then at least far less than they are now ITS RIDICULOUS

    [Ideas: Nawkia] some forms we cant seem to loot would be nice to buy

    [Ideas: Toka] Or maybe raise the drop rates?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] expecially comes like blue fringes

    [Ideas: Junbe] aye we need to get the community base back so that the hunters can be paid by crafters and so on as it once was

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye drop rates would be a major plus

    [Ideas: Musclebound] personally I prefer to make most items that I need or hunt for the money is not much of a consideration

    [Ideas: Nawkia] muscle raise ya hand pls

    [Ideas: Toka] raise hands please

    [Ideas: Musclebound] oo sorry

    [Ideas: Toka] That be nice Junbe

    [Ideas: Nawkia] well if not raise vielo prices the drop rate serious increase

    [Ideas: Nawkia] the undead comps especially

    [Ideas: Murphy] Glit'sita.

    [Ideas: Chuga] Not a dragon talk channel

    [Ideas: Toka] well her one more issues with veilo right now you can get master forms easier then expert one right now . and Veilo is asking 300s per form

    [Ideas: Nawkia] really?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] lol

    [Ideas: Nawkia] most cant use master

    [Ideas: Toka] and yes the undead comps are outragoues

    [Ideas: Nawkia] raise master an lower expert?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] k im done

    [Ideas: Toka] no make the expert form a little easy to get it all

    [Ideas: Chuga] *raises claw*

    [Ideas: Toka] Chuga

    [Ideas: Chuga] Undead comps take time and patience - please do not be in such a hurry - You will eventually get what you need if you just do it

    [Ideas: Tarus] *hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] this is true too

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *took 3 weeks for 26 blue fringes

    [Ideas: Toka] Chuga done?

    [Ideas: Musclebound] ( he's still madly typing...)

    [Ideas: Hraefn] -raises claw-

    [Ideas: Chuga] That happens with "Hob" also when he hunts - But I still feel it should not be instant

    [Ideas: Chuga] about the fringes

    [Ideas: Nawkia] im not sayin instant

    [Ideas: Chuga] done

    [Ideas: Nawkia] just better

    [Ideas: Chuga] agreed

    [Ideas: Toka] Tarus go

    [Ideas: Tarus] lets keep in focus the playing points of the game, if we make it too easy then it may lose its luster

    [Ideas: Tarus] focus on what needs changed

    [Ideas: Hraefn] -claw down-

    [Ideas: Tarus] done.

    [Ideas: Toka] ok next point then

    [Ideas: Chuga] *Real problem - not major but need addressed*

    [Ideas: Toka] as i said try to make this post and e-mail both pro and cons

    [Ideas: C`gan] Hello there.

    [Ideas: Chuga] Fix crystals

    [Ideas: Toka] Hi C'gan

    [Ideas: Nawkia] hi cgan this is like a shard meetin riase hand to speak:)

    [Ideas: Chuga] done

    [Ideas: Murphy] *raises claw*

    [Ideas: Chuga] switching to Haberton to show examples

    [Ideas: Chuga] *Hoberton

    [Ideas: Nawkia] k

    [Ideas: Toka] so all in all where is the best place to post these idea at gamerinfo steelclaw website horzions forum s where?

    [Ideas: C`gan] *raises hand

    [Ideas: Nawkia] why not all

    [Ideas: Toka] ok all agree?

    [Ideas: C`gan] Agreed, all would be better.

    [Ideas: Murphy] Agreed.

    [Ideas: Tarus] lol agreed

    [Ideas: Nawkia] agree

    [Ideas: Hraefn] Aye

    [Ideas: Noelani] Agreed

    [Ideas: Drykas] will be possible to make a sort of dedicated place and post the link o all the sites you said before?

    [Ideas: Toka] ok who wish to help make this post as it stasnd now we got C'gan Nawkia Knossos and me self

    [Ideas: Nawkia] sec toka

    [Ideas: Nawkia] murphy an c`gan wanted to add yes?

    [Ideas: Toka] Murphy go you have the3 floor

    [Ideas: Murphy] Classes, specifically crafting, adventure and special dragon classes.

    [Ideas: Toka] such as what ?

    [Ideas: Murphy] Bi-ped crafting, shipwrights, castles.Mounted classes, cavaliers, archers casters. Dragon riders.

    [Ideas: Toka] damm lol

    [Ideas: Murphy] Special dragon classes being a way to go beyond our 100 seasons.

    [Ideas: Nawkia] dragon riders has alrdy been discussed

    [Ideas: Toka] ok dragon rider has been covered

    [Ideas: Toka] the vote was

    [Ideas: Murphy] I wasn't here for it, my apologies.

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *hand*

    [Ideas: Starlight] same here on the rider part

    [Ideas: Drykas] *hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] basically it would be up to the dragon in question to aceppted or not a rider

    [Ideas: Toka] as there are dragon for both sides

    [Ideas: Murphy] *nods*

    [Ideas: Toka] this is only a idea of course as the Dev's need to work out the rest

    [Ideas: Murphy] Understandable. I am finished.

    [Ideas: Musclebound] *raises claw*

    [Ideas: Valiant] *Hand* <-- Hoberton

    [Ideas: Toka] C'gan

    [Ideas: Toka] One sec Hob 2 in front of ya

    [Ideas: C`gan] While we're on the subject of improvements, I've already put a support case in for three crafthalls at Kenaf Port: tailor, gem, and essence circle.

    [Ideas: C`gan] These, of course, would be worldprojects to build, I am hoping.

    [Ideas: Toka] nice

    [Ideas: C`gan] *sits down*

    [Ideas: Hraefn] -raises claw-

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia who is next?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] well valiant since he left an cam e back

    [Ideas: Valiant] see the difference Bright Diviner's Crystal of Might Beaming Diviner's Crystal of Might Shining Diviner's Crystal of Magic - also I can not a search quickly enough for Jewelry crystals with Dragon helps - many more - all small items but do need fixing

    [Ideas: Toka] hehe i like thoses great mistakes

    [Ideas: Valiant] bring back the lvl 75 Damage crystals also

    [Ideas: Toka] yes we covered that some thing are way wrong and next to be fixed but i will add to list

    [Ideas: Nawkia] -list so far is me drykas musclebound hraefn

    [Ideas: Valiant] done

    [Ideas: Toka] hoberton you done?

    [Ideas: Valiant] :-)

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia you turn then

    [Ideas: Nawkia] ok this is kinda for a future use an not a big deal i dont think to much but another winged race would be nice

    [Ideas: Nawkia] this would not be for a while im sure tho

    [Ideas: Nawkia] done

    [Ideas: Toka] Drykas your turn

    [Ideas: Noelani] *raises claw

    [Ideas: Drykas] a sort of nawkia thoughts extension

    [Ideas: Toka] one sec Noelni 2 in front of you

    [Ideas: Drykas] races abilities like flying for dragons, swimming for fish-like races, maybe tunnels for dwarves and so on

    [Ideas: C`gan] *raises hand in response to Drykas*

    [Ideas: Tarus] *hand*

    [Ideas: Toka] idea way down the road i would think more to fix before something like that but i will add to list

    [Ideas: Nawkia] cgan is it short?

    [Ideas: Toka] C'gan and Tarus go

    [Ideas: Drykas] and the other one is an organizational proposal every s2/3 people we can make a sort of summary?

    [Ideas: Toka] musclebound is next

    [Ideas: C`gan] Dwarven tunnels and dryad trees were dependent on the initial success of the dragon lair construction. They should be in the near-future scope of the devs already.

    [Ideas: C`gan] *sits*

    [Ideas: Musclebound] me?????

    [Ideas: Toka] Tarus

    [Ideas: Tarus] i like the race idea, but i would just like to say i personally would prioritize raising to T6 higher

    [Ideas: Musclebound] *waits patiently*

    [Ideas: Tarus] *sits*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] list-muscle hraefn noelani

    [Ideas: Toka] ok Musclebound you raised your claw yes?

    [Ideas: Musclebound] ty

    [Ideas: Drykas] (mine was a year 3000 race proposal)

    [Ideas: Musclebound] I woudl LOVE to see the ability to have one plot per CHARACTER

    [Ideas: Tarus] here here!

    [Ideas: Toka] hummm

    [Ideas: Hoberton] agrees

    [Ideas: Justoi] agree

    [Ideas: Musclebound] there are SOOO many empty plots throughout Istaria that could be built upon...

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *limit of 3 plots/lairs an acount*

    [Ideas: Hoberton] unless we get an influx of new players

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia ad to list please

    [Ideas: Murphy] *raises claw to add*

    [Ideas: Tarus] agreement with nawkia

    [Ideas: Drykas] agree with limit

    [Ideas: Musclebound] that would be fine..even one large and two small..or something like that

    [Ideas: Murphy] *added plots, land masses, to extend the amount available*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] agreed

    [Ideas: Musclebound] just to see life throught the land

    [Ideas: Drykas] *maybe a square meters limit?*

    [Ideas: Hoberton] agrees with limit - with one exception

    [Ideas: Tarus] *nods in agreement*

    [Ideas: Toka] ok back to hands raised Hraefn

    [Ideas: Hraefn] I just wanted to comment on the dragon riding topic as I'm not sure if this was brought up before- I believe hatchlings should also be among those who can be carried by flight-able dragons. Done.

    [Ideas: Hoberton] Older players have tons of money - the big plots will be bought by the older players

    [Ideas: Musclebound] cool

    [Ideas: Toka] Nolloni go

    [Ideas: Musclebound] which is why my idea of one large two small of someting...

    [Ideas: Musclebound] *sorry*

    [Ideas: Noelani] Alright, I agreed to bring this up if the opportunity ever arised: I've tried to turn several other friends onto this game, and all have said there is a lack of information... -->

    [Ideas: Drykas] *hand*

    [Ideas: Noelani] I personally have raised several characters, and I feel the information is adequate, though I have been playing for years and know some base information

    [Ideas: Musclebound] *waves bye to all...must run for a bit*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] *tpoic change 5 min*

    [Ideas: Toka] any one care to comment most of us have benn playing for years

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye inadequate somewhat

    [Ideas: Noelani] New players seem to get lost, from what I'm seeing. In order to get more players, though, we need to appeal at the beginning, not half way through

    [Ideas: Toka] as far as what is missing thern

    [Ideas: Hraefn] Agreed with Nawkia as far as more info being avaliable to possible new players.

    [Ideas: Toka] ok

    [Ideas: Toka] all agrred to this>?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] agreed

    [Ideas: Hoberton] is the new players channel being used?

    [Ideas: Noelani] Aye it is

    [Ideas: Hraefn] I mean before they even long into the game.

    [Ideas: Knossos] only population 2 atm

    [Ideas: Noelani] Though there aren't usually a lot of players in there, at least not long time players

    [Ideas: Toka] but if you new how do you know about it?

    [Ideas: Drykas] i'm a novice (january)

    [Ideas: Drykas] i think the game should log you into a help channels at first start

    [Ideas: Toka] ok I like to Call one of the most repected Crafter in the game Knossos any ideas on crafter needs?

    [Ideas: Toka] KNossos floor is yours

    [Ideas: Drykas] *sorry*

    [Ideas: Murphy] *raises claw*

    [Ideas: Knossos] who me? gosh I need nothing and am not sure how th answer for crafters who are just begging craft

    [Ideas: Knossos] beginning

    [Ideas: Martinus] *raises hand*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] next topic after murphy

    [Ideas: Drykas] *hand is tired*

    [Ideas: Toka] KNossos nothing then?

    [Ideas: Toka] i guess not lol

    [Ideas: Toka] Nawkia next is?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] murpyh then topic change

    [Ideas: Toka] Murphy go

    [Ideas: Murphy] Beastmaster class, crafting class for bipeds to raise mounts.

    [Ideas: Toka] oh i like that idea

    [Ideas: Murphy] Done.

    [Ideas: Toka] Drykas make it quick

    [Ideas: Starlight] eh?

    [Ideas: Drykas] good one!

    [Ideas: Nawkia] gravity warrior??-throwin it in

    [Ideas: Nawkia] heralds?

    [Ideas: Hoberton] bring back the lvl 75 crystals Ardent Flawless Stone

    [Ideas: Drykas] about infos: some ingame channels to help where players can share their knowlodge

    [Ideas: Drykas] *knowledge

    [Ideas: Nawkia] ok time to sum it up

    [Ideas: Toka] we have those Drykas

    [Ideas: Drykas] yep but where players are logged in at first time

    [Ideas: Nawkia] we've got dragon ideas, crystals, world projects/craftin, classes races waht else we talked about

    [Ideas: Drykas] and asked if they need anything

    [Ideas: Drykas] a sort of novice guild

    [Ideas: Toka] that about it

    [Ideas: Nawkia] we should make a default tab for when a person/player first logs in they are directed to the new player channel

    [Ideas: Drykas] yep yep that that nawkia

    [Ideas: Toka] yep be nice to have

    [Ideas: C`gan] *raises hand*

    [Ideas: Drykas] sorry i can;t explain very well

    [Ideas: Nawkia] k any more MAJOR points that want to be added QUICK?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] s;ok neither can i lol

    [Ideas: Noelani] *raises hand for comment on the new player deal*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] make it quick pls

    [Ideas: Toka] yes

    [Ideas: Hoberton] LAG!!!!!

    [Ideas: Noelani] A pager like system where a new player can page for help and veteran players can respond 1/1?

    [Ideas: Toka] i not wearing a pager for a pager no way

    [Ideas: Toka] for a game

    [Ideas: Toka] lol

    [Ideas: Drykas] well a sort of ingame ticket system

    [Ideas: Nawkia] lag/shipwrights are requested to be added

    [Ideas: Nawkia] like the open seas hehe

    [Ideas: Toka] yes add those [please}

    [Ideas: Nawkia] dry

    [Ideas: Nawkia] simply message a veteran

    [Ideas: Toka] oh a mial system

    [Ideas: Nawkia] most of us im sure would be happy to answer a question

    [Ideas: Noelani] Aye ingame ticket system, since New Player is usually full of only new players, it defeats the purpose

    [Ideas: Toka] MAil

    [Ideas: Nawkia] mail would be nice but just to send mail not items

    [Ideas: Toka] ok any thing else now

    [Ideas: Hoberton] Mail would be nice

    [Ideas: Drykas] yep but nawkia it took to me some time to discover online player lists

    [Ideas: C`gan] Community driven public notice systems, like bulletin boards in game, as well as in-game mail system. Agreed, not to send items.

    [Ideas: Nawkia] updated new player tutorial then

    [Ideas: Drykas] yep no items

    [Ideas: Drykas] but less invasive

    [Ideas: Drykas] i hate those popups

    [Ideas: Nawkia] make it to where we have to check it?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] so it wont pop up sayin ya got mail

    [Ideas: Drykas] i was talking about tutorials

    [Ideas: Toka] Ok all ty for the input now to make the post with help

    [Ideas: C`gan] A little icon in your character window. Number underneath would be how mnay unread messages you have?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] o

    [Ideas: Drykas] good c'gan

    [Ideas: C`gan] System is already in place similar to DPs.

    [Ideas: Drykas] exactly

    [Ideas: Murphy] Did you talk about an improved AI?

    [Ideas: Starlight] mew?

    [Ideas: Drykas] what mew?

    [Ideas: Nawkia] will add murphy ok that concludes this meeting:)

    [Ideas: Murphy] Thanks for holding the meeting.

    [Ideas: Nawkia] o quick thuing

    [Ideas: Starlight] hmm did you already cover the pvp aspect?

    [Ideas: Hoberton] NO PVP

    [Ideas: Nawkia] think we should have a shard meetin every month

    [Ideas: Drykas] PVP = BAD

    [Ideas: Nawkia] the first friday of every month

    [Ideas: Starlight] pvp at the arena I meant

    [Ideas: Hoberton] adding !!!!!!!!!!!! to the end of that

    [Ideas: Hraefn] Definite no on the PvP

    [Ideas: Starlight] well only thing I was going to mention about that is removing the dp gain in that area

    [Ideas: Toka] On One final Note We should do Shard meeting every 2 months ?

    [Ideas: Drykas] to conclude where are you going to post the result of the meeting?

    [Ideas: Toka] yes working on it now

    [Ideas: Nawkia] everywhere

    [Ideas: Drykas] gamersinfo and community forums?

    [Ideas: Knossos] and

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye

    [Ideas: Starlight] sorry but may I as a quick question

    [Ideas: Nawkia] sure

    [Ideas: Drykas] will be possible to have every shard meeting chat log posted somewhere?

    [Ideas: Starlight] about crafting namely some of the skills

    [Ideas: Drykas] *sorry starlight*

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye thats what heralds are for

    [Ideas: Starlight] ok easiest example tinkerer

    [Ideas: Noelani] How about posting the meeting time and date somewhere so that those who want to attend, will know ahead of time?

    [Ideas: Starlight] fixing the skill that salavaging doesnt effect every school

    [Ideas: Nawkia] aye

    [Ideas: Starlight] example fletcher does not gain salavaging but becuase my tinkering school is lv 100

    [Ideas: Starlight] I loose considerable exp when deconing anything

    [Ideas: Starlight] tools and weapons

    [Ideas: Knossos] use a low level salvage tool and manually con/decon

    [Ideas: Starlight] unless I pick a t1 tool to cap off the salavaging skill

    [Ideas: Starlight] knossos I tried that

    [Ideas: Knossos] yep

    [Ideas: Starlight] that is more of a pain than anything

    [Ideas: Starlight] granted it works

    [Ideas: Hoberton] Can we finish the "Gangaf" quest line? 33 steps so far and not finished - just stops there

    [Ideas: Knossos] not too bad wien you select all conned items with a shift key

    [Ideas: Hoberton] sorry - Tinkerer was mentioned - had to bring that up

    [Ideas: Starlight] all I am saying is this

    [Ideas: Starlight] keep skill in their related schools and not have them effect other craft schools that dont normally gain that skill

    [Ideas: Knossos] agreed

    [Ideas: Knossos] was speqaking about how to cope till it gets fixed

    [Ideas: Knossos] *speaking

    [MarketPlace: C`gan] Well, bedtime for me.

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] nite c`gan

    [MarketPlace: Nawkia] nite as well school tomorrow




    Was this a player meeting on Order, or a player + dev meeting?



    A player meeting on Order.

    A player meeting on Order.


    What I'd be curious to see (not sure if you're still formating it) Toka was back again (or maybe was before this one) late at night, and would be interested to see the full transcrpit on that one. Was only half paying attention, but did make some comments near the end, and Toka left in the middle of the conversation. :)




    You're talking about the

    You're talking about the night before where he asked me some things privately then brought them into Marketplace and started tossing ideas around? I think I have a part of that I'll see if I can sort it out and add it to this thread as well.



    That would most likely be

    That would most likely be it.  There was a lot of stuff thrown round that night.  :)