Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 02:25

moving tomorrow

    Well, the day has come. tomorrow morning i go pick up the truck, and
    i'll be taking myself to Virginia in it. i don't expect to be on
    between tomorrow and next weekend unless i am not totally exhausted
    when i reach the motels in the evening.... (though i do intend to be on
    this evening as much as i can, just got a few more things to take care
    of IRL)

    whee.... :nervous:



    Good luck! Drive carefully and drink lots of water! Stay away from caffiene -- it makes you pee a lot.


    posting from albaquerque (to

    posting from albaquerque (to tired to spell) at 2100 local time



    That's all?  You didn't get very far, did you? :P


    Just a touch west of

    Just a touch west of Oklahoma city, 2000 local time motel 6 FTW



    Are you stopping for sleep only?


    It's going to take you all week to get to VA at this rate! 


    no, i stop for gas and food

    no, i stop for gas and food to, just dont post about it (mainly cause i don't have a connection at gas stations, they want me to pay them to use it... *rolleyes*


    anyhw, i'm just a tuch west of memphis tonight.  got lost around little rock for an hour or i'd be in nashville.....  fun stuff.....