Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 09:25

Need help cancel subsription

    I dont know if this is the right place. But I'm having trouble contacting
    PaybyTouch Customer Service.

    I'm from Australia,
    so the number I tried to dial is (0011 1 866 729 2986)
    Is that right?


    When I tried to call they keep saying that the number cannot be connected
    or something like that, Please check your dialing procedures.

     Its driving me nuts, I just want to cancel my subscription.


    Can anyone help me please? This is for the old one not the new one.




    I'm not sure how calling a toll-free (free-phone) number in the US works when you're out of the country -- that is the case here.


    You might have more success getting your bank to refund your charges, block the charges from EI/PBT and let your bank figure out how to recover their money from PBT. 


    2nd number

    Theres a second number you can try  calling:



    An ongoing thread can be found on the community forums as well:


    Hmm I think I'll go with

    Hmm I think I'll go with your first option, that’s what the others told me

    Okay, thanks Steelclaw.


    Also, I might not be getting back in Istaria anytime soon, not only my
    college is keeping me busy, but I just haven’t got the time to drop by anymore.


    Dont worry I'm not leaving forever, I'll be back when my break comes on or


    Seeya around ^^



    Dammit the stupid bank

    Dammit the stupid bank won’t do anything about it. Apparently
    because I signed with IE I have to cancel it with IE. They won’t block it. Even though they are stealing my money *sigh*

    I’ll try that second number. I really don’t know what to do
    if it doesn’t work.


    Okay, I called them and they

    Okay, I called them and they said that its already
    been cancelled. So its all good. I wont bother with the refund, my
    bank wont do anything about it.


    I think thats it. I dont think I'll continue with Horizons. Sorry but
    its just giving me a huge headache and I hardly go on it anymore anyway.


    Thanks Steelclaw, for your suport here and on Istaria. I really

    appreciate it.



    signed Syraxis



    I'm sorry for all the trouble you've had.  I hope you'll reconsider.. but if not, thank you for the company and the good times. 


    Refund is OWED to you

    You should ask PBT for the refunds owed to you. They will refund the money for all billings and billing credits after July 18th. I got back $54.75 on my one subscription and one of my guildmates got back over $140.


    As for the new billing system, it's done through Paypal, which has a much better track record of handling payments.